Gemini Woman In Love

Signs That She Is In Love With You:-

She won't let the conversation end

Although this woman lives and loves to socialize, she will stick only to the ones she sees some scope and comfort with. In a similar vein, she might talk with a lot of people in daily life, because she is outspoken but lives to have short and straightforward conversations.

If a Gemini woman is having a huge ass long conversation with your deep sense of interest, she might be interested in you. Consider yourself lucky if she stays with you as it isn't hard for this woman to move on to the next person.

You are special if she is talking to you as lingering is not in her blood.


Remembering to arrive somewhere

Even if this woman has promised to meet you at a particular time at a particular spot, don't take it too seriously as she does not do it intentionally. She is likely to forget all this stuff because soon she finds better things to do.

If she actually comes up at the spot for you, feel special. This woman finds you attr1.

If she is really in love with you, she will arrive much before you with the perfect dress and on point make up. This is because when this woman is in love, nobody can distract her from doing things for her special one.


Not get bored with constant meeting

You can't expect this woman to always show up, in case she has shown up once. That's a really stupid thought as just like a live woman, this girl can look for stuff more interesting than you.

If she does, then be happy. You are almost there in the heart. She finds you the most exciting and thrilling then! Normally these hop from one spot to the other like little sweet birdies. But if these birdies rest on one branch for a long time, that branch has something special unlike any other of them.


She is ready for puns!

This woman, no matter how hard she tries to be mature, is sweet kiddo from the heart who love telling jokes to their loved ones no matter how lame they might be.

She won't dig into any person and tell her puns. This will happen only if she enjoys your company. She will play with words with you.

She never gets tired playing with words with her lovelies as a child never gets bored playing with toys.


She will prove

This woman has a crazy habit of debating as she possesses a lot of knowledge regarding various things. However, she doesn't like to argue with anyone random

If she loves you, she will switch to the opposite side of a debate. Try not to worry if things become a little bit heated.

If she is enjoying it with you, let her have the argument in a healthy way. She is likely to get pissed off if she wins fake. stand by your point and prove her wrong because that is definitely going to attract her in some way in most cases.


She will want to have fun tasks with you

If she plays scrabble with you, Gemini is definitely into you. Don't expect fake sympathy after losing a game from her. She is not the one then. If you have to figure this out, try being in the sand team as that will be in your interest.


Writing poems

It's her way of flirting. She likes to indicate indirectly her love for you. She will express her love in the best artistic ways.



It's hard for anyone to capture the attention of a Gemini woman. But if you have made into her hearts, big hugs to you. It's silly for many people but you have actually achieved something. This woman is difficult to hold. Her wings are always ready to fly from one beautiful destination to another. Only the rare ones are able to get her attention and she sticks in that place for long. This woman is fun and games and you would never feel a sense of boredom being with her. You can expect long conversations with her in a relationship. However, the tone is different for her loved ones and random people. You can easily identify by that whether she has a crush or maybe a slight liking for you or not. She often becomes a great philosopher in love. You can have her undivided attention if you engage her intellectually.

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