This week brings in all things positive for the Gemini’s. They will get what they have been longing for or what they better deserve. Just stay positive and confident and you are ready to conquer the world baby. This week seems to be good and nice to you instilling in you that much-needed confidence and energy. As you all know the week has started with the solar eclipse which for the Gemini’s is in their house of money.  Solar eclipse marks for change. You might earn uncertain money and generate new sources of money. This month warns you to be careful with your money. Just ponder if you are overspending your money or not putting money in the right direction. So, try to manage your finances by making a monthly budget, setting financial goals, or investing in some schemes for that matter.

This week on 23rd June the planet Neptune in spirituality, sign meets Pisces in the house of vocation, which brings the need to look in our inner self, test ourselves from inside and bring positivity in life, it advises us to go for exercises to improve our concentration level towards good things, look at yourself what you want from yourself and what are you did actually figure out your inner self and goals this week.

Also, on 25th June, the movement of planets Venus, of beauty and love, goes directly to Gemini, a meeting of both the planets bring hopes and chances in the betterment of your love life, if you’re single you might get noticed by others and your charming personality Gemini will attract others. The twins your communication game is always strong and will remain strong this week too.

Love weekly horoscope

On the love front, you are going to do good. But you need to put extra effort into your relations and love life. You need to look your best all the time. You need to look attractive and well dressed all the time to catch the attention of their love. Love is in the air for them but you need not overdo it. Friendships will be energized. Your conversations and activities will help you find your love. the weekend brings for fun and emotion at the home base and entertaining your new love will lead to better and greater things. The Planet of love, Venus is meeting Gemini which is the combination of love with communication, this week you and your partner will lead a romantic journey along with good and positive communication further solving all the problems upcoming in your love life, do not bring your past talks into the present.

Career weekly horoscope

This week brings in major planetary changes in your career and financial matters. You will get new opportunities and it will guide you as to how to make your career moves smartly. Taking a risk at this point is just not your thing as there are chances of career fluctuations. If you are preparing for government service exams, you are blessed with luck and there are chances to get a new job, like a dream come true.  People in the transportation business are going to benefit this week, you are going to get government tenders or deals. There are financial profits being analyzed but with loads of complications.  Some new changes can be seen both on the personal and professional front. New offers and business opportunities are coming your way but you need to be careful with your finance. You should try breaking some good deals as they would benefit you immensely.

Health weekly horoscope

talking of the health aspect, your facial and sexual organs will be quite active. Good sleep and rest are what you need to deal with those emotional mood swings. Adding yogurt, green leafy vegetables, fruits like melon will help your health to be at its place. Taking care of your eyes and teeth is also important. So getting a dental and eye checkup done is a must added in the list. You need to have light food to keep your digestive system on track. Consuming liquids in your diet will give relaxation to your body. Practice yoga and Surya namaskar will help you relieve stress and be at peace. Facial organs need rest and strength. Try having food according to the sugar levels in your body. Health overall remains good because of your enthusiasm and efforts. Just give yourself enough time and planning some trips and adventures will keep your mind refreshed and rejuvenated.

Money and finance weekly horoscope

This week from 24 June, due to the effect of solar eclipse changes in finances will be seen in the house of luck and fortune, generation of extra money will be seen but this doesn’t mean utilizing it or wasting it on luxuries, this is the money to be used in productive work which will yield you good profits. In financial terms, you might get some new opportunities or generate a new source of income. But you need to be careful with the management of your resources. You might end up in losses otherwise. Keeping a track on your money and your spending is Important as it will help you to control your spending. Just do budgeting or invest in some sources will help you better channel your money and finances.


The week seems to be a happy and pleasant one for you. Not many hurdles are seen in your path. You are facing some problems with your finances and career but channelizing them in the right direction and making the most of the situation will help. Your charm and energy are a must keep you going and maintain that sparkle in your love life. Health issues are not very worrisome as you are following the mantra of a balanced diet and life. This week brings in some new opportunities and will give you the best that you deserve.  You just need to put up that smile on your face and be confident about yourself and the deal is done.