Gemini rising - an interesting name and an even more interesting personality

Gemini rising - an interesting name and an even more interesting personality

Representing different things as zodiac signs seems to be the new fad. We often come across people who use their zodiac signs in their introduction. Recently, there is a new tern floating around, the rising sign. Do you have a Sagittarius rising or a Leo rising, a Gemini rising or a Capricorn rising? There’s a more pressing question at hand - is there more than one zodiac sign related to one person? Surprisingly, the answer is yes. There are three signs associated with one birth chart - the sun sign, the moon sign, and the rising sign. The sun sign is the one most people are familiar with. It is determined by the date of birth and is endows you with your personality traits. This is the sign that most people associate with themselves. There are twelve zodiac signs having a ruling element, planet, and fundamental quality. There is little mystery about the sun sign of a person. The real mystery lies in the moon sign and the rising sign.

The signs indicated in the birth chart - the moon sign and the rising sign

The moon sign is determined by the date of birth, just like the sun sign, but also takes into consideration the time and place of birth. The moon sign is responsible for that little guiding angel sitting on your shoulder. It is the driving force of your gut and your intuition. The subconscious mind, the sense of self is controlled by your moon sign. Moving on to the rising sign, this sign is nothing but the zodiac sign present in the Eastern hemisphere at the time of birth. The image you project of yourself is determined by this sign. How people see you, their first impression of you, how you interact with people in a social setting are all dictated by this sign. Each zodiac sign provides a different social personality.

Gemini rising - the personality equivalent of a kitten - talkative and curious.

Gemini is an air sign, meaning with Gemini as the ascendant (another name for the rising sign), you will project an intelligent and inquisitive image. You are interested in learning about what and who you encounter. There is just this innate feeling of wanting to know everything about everything. People born with Gemini rising are also great conversationalists. This comes from the combination of their need to express their thoughts fully and their need to learn about the people they are talking to. There is no topic too obscure for them to approach. These frank and unequivocal thoughts can also be seen as offensive by some people. It requires a certain level of intellect to appreciate the wittiness of Gemini rising which can come off as intimidating for most people. It can manifest itself in two major ways. This split is due to the Gemini being one of the double signs. Hence, Gemini rising can bestow on a person a super bright, talkative, and outgoing demeanor, or it can bestow a more reserved, intellectual demeanor. The first is a bubbly and cheerful personality, constantly babbling and entertaining people with their larger-than-life personalities. The second is a not-so-bubbly yet still observant and witty personality. It doesn’t make a huge difference as both these personality types always have their hawk vision engaged and are observing everything around them. They always have a witty remark which makes everyone burst out laughing.

People born under the Gemini rising are great analysts. They have an intellectual and curious approach. Everything they come across holds a secret that needs to found out. Multitasking becomes second nature to people under Gemini rising as they need constant stimulation of their minds to satisfy their curiosity. I would like to share a modified saying specifically for the Gemini rising - Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. There are always multiple tabs open in your mind. Tiny distractions can cause major procrastinations. But you find your way back to the project at hand just as easily. Your curiosity makes you the go-to person for advice. Creativity mixed with an active mind is the perfect cocktail for coming up with highly imaginative and innovative ideas. Being an air sign, Gemini rising transforms you into natural thinkers. Any person born under Gemini rising is insatiably curious, intimidatingly witty, and unimaginably observant.