Gemini Man In Love

Gemini Man In Love

Little disclaimer girls, this man is not a commitment type of a guy.

Gemini is an air sign. So this man is happiest when found in a cooler climate and is usually in constant flux. He is not an emotional and sentimental type of person. Don't freak out a Gemini by thinking the whole future with him.

Honestly, that idea sucks according to a Gemini man. He likes to live in the moment and not destroy the current scenario with the shitty idea of thinking you so-called "forever" with this guy.

He won't freak out initially and laugh it off but that's a warning sign for you to stop saying that damn word again and again. After some point that will definitely provoke him. He doesn't agree in fairy tales or happy endings. He considers all this rubbish and useless.


Variety is his spice!

He likes to create his own fairy tales. Those are the ones in which he actually believes in. He is only a little bit committed to any person no matter how close that person might be. This breaths over depth man are similar to a Sagittarius who is constantly craving for some kind of variety.

When they marry, trust me these are the most cliche of all. You will most probably find him wearing a bathrobe roaming around for a television remote. He is the most boring of a husband who marries to get over with the day to day taunts if society.

Space, space, and fucking space! That's all this man asks for all the time. That is the only reason this man is a pro at thriving long-distance relationships for long. Long enough to ever imagine.


Gemini man sexual score

He doesn't give deep meaning to it but is ready for some role play. He is a pervert and can easily handle sex outdoors, not caring much about what people think. Don't dig into his insecurity but come in new ways, exciting ways. He demands change as he doesn't care much about the act but the excitement which comes up with it. The glow!

When I say that this man likes to have sex outdoors in front of huge ass people, it nowhere signifies that he might be having some hidden intentions behind it. So don't overthink! Especially if you are a Virgo.


What special can you do for him?

Plan a trip for him. Just surprise him by saying, "pack your bags"! It will surely change his vibe. The place doesn't have to be expensive but somewhere he has never been before.

You can also try giving some self-help books, but with practical instructions. That's an important point which you should note down.

Don't be shocked if he uses your gift once and then throws away. He doesn't attach things to himself. Remember noncommittal?

He is mostly an electronic buff. Give him stuff which helps him in some kind of technology.


Family life of this man

Kids who have Gemini daddy are the luckiest of all! These dads are super cool to be with. If you love to hear stories, this dad is a pro at it. He loves to narrate stories to the kids. He won't even need a book for that sake.

His imagination is wild. The innocent pupils are likely to believe those tales by the way he says it. He gives good care to the child and another family member.

He nourishes his child in the best possible way he can. Sometimes even better than a mom. Lucky fam!



If you are confused to thrill a Gemini guy, you are such a fool! They are the easiest of all to gift. Don't scratch your head and be mad at me now!

So now unapologetically I am going to guide you with this part. He is a crazy man of novelty and technology. Find him some fun crazy techy stuff related to tech. He loves to fill his room with wild new gadgets going trendy.

Also, this fun guy loves little things like getting the gift card to his absolute favorite book store. Puzzles and games make him jolly similar to a five-year-old.

Books and music are two things he spends most of the time. Keeping feeding him lots of information to keep him mysterious.

Throw some kind of suspense on him from time to time as he loves all of this. You can even plot a scavenger for that!