Gemini Love Horoscope

Gemini Love Horoscope

You are a lot talkative in a very unusual playful way. Quiet bad in making choices comfortably you are a social person. You will once love to gossip or the other way be the center of attraction.
You are capable of showing emotions and beliefs in an informal or relaxed way. You have that essence with you that will not let anyone get bored. You will never be in a dull moment. You are considered to maintain the same fun in the surrounding.

You are given certain strengths which enhances the personality:-

● Adaptable- You are very good at changing yourself in order to fit work. You are much into fun and adventure. You feel compatible and comfortable only with Gemini friends. you are very quick in decision making so any cancel of plan won't affect you. Within seconds you will be ready with another plan. You go crazy and make the best ideas to have fun.

● Intelligent- You speak in a very interesting way, as you have a very selective choice of words. You always desire to know more and get answers to all the questions. So you love to learn. You are always with a book in one hand and a bundle of questions in mind. You are very clever and love participating in games which require a mind to win. Though you never let anyone win.

You are also born with weaknesses like every other person:-

● Indecisive- You are very accurate in every decision and take hours making a perfect one. You might also get anxious or nervous in decision making. You also have struggled with commitments.

● Impulsive- You can recklessly make some decisions and change them. You have a flip of mind. You are very easily distracted from the path. It is very hard for you to be focussed on your goals and achieve success.

● Unreliable- You are not mean but the things you do like last-minute cancellation of plans make you so. You are irresponsible and try to run away from boring activities.

Nosy- You always want to know what others are doing and what others think. Rather than minding your own business, you are much into worldly affairs. One must be very careful before sharing secrets with you.


With a constant flip of thoughts, it is not easy for you to be in love. You have different sides to personalities. It is difficult to find one person compatible with all the personalities.You have a flirting nature. The starting stage of a relationship is very interesting for you. You love everything about it, that first look, locked up glances and naughty text messages.

You love to play games and people who do not turn up boring. You don't know the difference between a short period of time together to enjoy and the real thing. Your search for a soulmate who can also be there with you to play. You are serious with flirt, and fun and very few understand this. You are much into long term relationships than just a time pass. You might also get exhausted sometimes and start feeling bored. One minute, you are interested in someone and the second minute you have a change of interest.

No doubt you long for eternal love but you also desire for freedom. You are a player when you have finally completed the conquest. You have wild and fluctuating romantic choices. You are well matched to a young heart, multi-talented, who brightens you and serves good. Someone who masters you does not want consistency and keeps well with nature. You love communication, talkative, witty, and one who can make own decisions in a debate.

You like to connect mentally with the person before falling in love. Once you build a strong bond, you will be the most loyal person in love. You are more attracted to Aquarius. You like the free-spirited and strange nature. You should be careful speaking with the person you have feelings for. You could have certain desires and feelings


You should be honest with your approach to love and never give up trying. You might also feel jealous and anxious. You will be passionate enough and filled with emotions. You will have an intellectual connection and interest that will decide whether you are single or attached. If you and the person you like are on the same path then you have chances of being attached. You have an ability to explore or look into a cause which will create matching of choices and mind.