Gemini is one of the most fabulous zodiac signs if you want to ever put it together. Gemini is astrological sign’s third in line in the club of zodiac signs. The Gemini sign resides under the blankets of tropical driven zodiac. It is a known fact that the sun star transport through Gemini between May 21st and June 21st. Gemini is referred as a positive sign but a mutable one. Established from constellation of Gemini, it is symbolized by the soaring twins named as Pollux and Castor, together inferred as Dioscuri.   


Speaking of Gemini, it had been one of the 48 constellations styled by the D astronomer named as Ptolemy who hailed from 2nd century. Gemini now remnants to be one of the 88 constellations with a modern edge to it till date.  Gemini’s initials are hinted as twin’s Latin (whereas Latin is the name) which has an association with the soaring twins named popularly as Pollux as well as Castor in the world of Greek mythology. The sign Gemini had a symbol which is a Unicode.  


In the world of mythology surrounding the Gemini’s constellation, it brings lot of meanings and symbols which would make you aware about a Gemini sign as a whole. Evidently, this zodiac constellation is the symbolic to the soaring twins Pollux and Castor. The full name of Pollux is Polydeuces and initially Pollux is to the Romans. Other splitting information is that these twins had been born from an egg right after Zeus, which was then concealed as a swan successfully seduced their mother who was known as the Queen of Sparta “Leda”. The end conclusion demanded immense suffering where the twin Castor was brutally slayed.

It is sheer evidence dating back to the history that a Gemini born is most likely to befriend all sorts of wrong people. And this is how a Gemini will die. Because of their certain geniality, they tend to notice goodness in everyone as well as everything, even those whose faces turn pale doing the bad work. They easily trust everyone that’s why the trap is easily made for them. Gemini are unlike the other zodiac signs.


Because Gemini has such a hard-hitting history, the sign is symbolized by brave twins Pollux and Castor. These twins have happened to fight against all the odds where one of the twins “Castor” was killed by the opposite rivalry. The end credits were blown out of proportion because of Zeus foul play and manipulation tactics. Gemini is known to display dual personalities. It is very challenging to become aware about a Gemini zodiac sign in complete parts. There’s always a mystery attached to their aura. At one point of time, a Gemini would be full of life, and the next moment you will notice them in fully distant state and super detached from the world. It is quite unsure that what side of Gemini person you would be encountering.