Gandhi Jayanti, a streak of hope during Covid-19

Gandhi Jayanti, a streak of hope during Covid-19

Because of these unexpected times, we have forgotten half of the beautiful things which built our country thick and strong. It is a lush field with some of the most momentary festivals celebrated in honour of brave figures who left their footprints. Some coveted leaders wagged wars just to make sure that our country was in the hands of safety. Of course, this wouldn't be ever possible without the man himself Mahatma Gandhi. He is a face of true bravery, while his manoeuvres for the country back then still remains a win-win moment for all of us. He left behind us a legendary era. Today we all come together virtually to celebrate none other than Gandhi Jayanti and miss the true leader of our country. He is the man behind the teaching of staying united no matter what religion you are born into. Gandhi Ji is a man of grace.




A lot of people don't know why Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated. The reason the nation is bestowed a national holiday is that Mahatma Gandhi, a great leader was born on 2nd October, thus this national holiday. Today, we celebrate this day in the honor of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi's birthday, father of the nation as well as known as Bapuji. As a way to relish the freedom gained and this leader's birth, the holiday is observed by all the informal and formal organizations in the country. People all over the country burst firecrackers, distribute sweets to each other, play the national anthem, and screen movies dedicated to the life of Gandhi Ji. This gives pure perceptions of how Mahatma Gandhi was. He is by far the most respected leaders in the world. His quotes are famous and used Internationally. There has been a lot of books that were penned down on the life of Gandhi Ji and his legendary endeavours dating back then. This is the man behind what inculcated hope into millions of human beings. Without this man, there would be no peace. It is so unlikely to remember these superheroes of the old era even till today. Gandhi Ji leaves hope for all of us. There are not enough words in order to describe this day. A million words won't seem enough for a leader like Gandhi Ji. We must truly carve respect for this man until forever and beyond. His undeniable love for the country keeps our hearts alive and beating. He leaves an optimistic patriotic feeling in the hearts of millions. This empowers the citizens to do good deeds and good work for the wellbeing of the country.




Mahatma Gandhi is regarded as the unsung heroes of the nation. His bravery and the way he has taught for the country still remains etched in the minds of many. From his way of living to what he had done for millions of people, there's nobody like Gandhi Ji. He gave us hope and taught us the here principles of humanity. Without the most coveted leader of the nation, we would not have had even glare patience left in us. Apart from his endeavors, Gandhi Ji started many movements which changed the face of the nation, one of them was Satyagraha, a none violence movement during the freedoms struggle of India. Without his bravery, we wouldn't be here, alive and breathing. This man became the reason for the freedom of the nation. He fought for the nation like none other. He was known to shed ounces of blood and sweat just to see that there is a  light at the end of each tunnel. You are the light. If he was alive today, he would be the epitome of peace. The world would be a better place. The world bows down to one name; that is Mahatma Gandhi, who forever lives in our hearts. His teachings of love and peace spread all across the world. He makes us stand tall and proud today. This is the day to fully relish what Gandhi Ji did for his country, his people. With sheer bravery, he gulped the bullets as a sacrifice for this country.