From the most confrontational to the peacekeeping zodiac signs ranked from 1-12

Zodiac signs have a lot of potentials to throw light on different aspects of the personality of everyone we interact within our daily life. Whether you are a fire sign, a water sign, an earth sign, or an air sign, the knowledge that Astrology can provide is not baseless as most of the critics like to believe. The insights that we get are accorded with the current transitions of the stars and the planets as Human Beings are very much part of this Cosmos and get affected by any subtler changes in the Universe. 

 Have you ever wondered why your boss is so confrontational as compared to your friend’s boss? Both work in the same position but the difference in their behaviors is unmatched? Read down below about the Zodiacs who are the most confrontational to very less or peace-loving zodiacs signs in the ascendancy. Your boss’ zodiac sign might feature in the most confrontational, maybe even on the top, who knows!

Aries is the brewing kettle that bursts open surprisingly.

 Aries is no doubt the most confrontational zodiac sign anyone can ever interact with. On the outside, they may seem to possess no ruffled feathers but mind you, it is all an act. Nothing makes Aries madder than the person who is a cheat, a liar, and deceitful. Aries will tire their lungs screaming. 


Cancer comes second, are you surprised? 

 Many people will be surprised to see Cancer grabbing the second spot on being the most confrontational just after the fiery Aries. Do not be blinded by a Cancer’s charm as their mind won’t let them rest easy until everything pours out of their mouth in a jiffy. In a conflict, many times Cancer decides to remain silent until they can longer and will be the most vengeful signs when they speak confronting somebody. 


Scorpio is a scorching ball of intense fire.

 The third spot is grabbed by your seductive Scorpio! Scorpios thrive on the intensity of experiences they have in their life. Somehow, they feed off it. It is very important to keep your mouth shut while dealing with a Scorpio. If you stop them when they’re confronting, know that you’ll get the most stony-eyed look you can ever receive in your life by someone. 


Leos are not all Mr. or Ms. Perfectly Fine(s).

 Leo may seem unruffled on the outside like Aries because most of the time they prefer to keep a poker face on. But oh, my my my! When they’re confrontational, you cannot win from them in an argument. They will defeat your logic and you’ll be rendered defenseless by all means. 


The moody Pisces can rip you apart in no time.

 Do not be fooled by Pisces’ emotional sensitivity. If they’re capable of understanding someone like that, they’re also capable of blowing off their mood entirely through their blunt tongue. They’re extremely volatile in terms of their reactions. Everything excites them. Anything can dampen them. 


Be aware, Virgo listens to everything.

The Virgo is a sign which will know what is constantly happening around them, but they’ll refrain from participating until needed. But if you’ve personally bruised a Virgo, you won’t be spared. 


A Capricorn does not have time for Drama.

 But once you’ve hurt them, they won’t go down without a fight. Caps are blunt and straightforward. They do not understand the concept of diplomacy and can speak the harshest truths out loud easily without flinching an eye. 


No drama for Geminis.

Even though Gemini is well aware of what goes on in their surroundings, Geminis like to keep their life drama-free. People come to them for advice, not vice-versa. 

Taurus are not nosey like others.

 A Taurus is the least confrontational zodiac sign ever. Be frank and open and they won’t bother you. They’re not nosey like others can be. 


Sagittarius, the wise old stock character.

 Even though Sagittarius is known to be confrontational being a fire sign, they won’t bother you until you provoke them. A Sag will ward off every provoke they receive until and unless they’ve had enough. 


Social Justice is important to an Aquarius

 Equality matters to an Aqua. They like to gossip but they won’t give your information to anybody else. They’re just social that way. 


Libra wins!

 Libra is the most peace-loving zodiac sign in the ascendancy! Libras love the drama-free environment. They want to see everybody flower! 

 We hope that you enjoyed the list and were able to relate. Many other factors are subjected to this, but it is fun to know that Astrology has a part to play in our daily lives too if we’d like to believe it or not. 

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