Four Signs That You Have Met Your Twin Flame

Four Signs That You Have Met Your Twin Flame

The talk about finding soulmates has been rife in society and a topic of much conjecture. Everyone believes they have their one through soulmate existing in a particular corner of the world. But, what about twin flames? The twin flames are the initial parts of a soul which is created at the beginning. It is the two halves of the soul that meet together to form one whole. It is believed that every person on this planet has one twin flame as part of the creation of God.

However, the chances of finding your twin flame in this whole wide world are pretty slim. Not being with your twin flame does not mean you will not be in a loving and caring relationship. But, everyone has the urge to someday find out who their twin flame is and what type of person they are. So, the next time you talk about finding your ‘other half’ think about your twin flame and not a soulmate. The art of tarot card reading helps you look within and recognize signs of spotting who your twin flame really is. Read below to look at the seven signs that indicate whether or not you have met your twin flame yet. 


You Have an Intense Feeling of Knowing Them 

The idea is that twin flames tend to recognize each other. This is made sure because both flames have the inexplicable feeling of knowing each other since forever. If when you are meeting someone for the first time and your mind experiences a ‘deja-vu’ of recognizing them, it may be a sign that your twin flame has finally found your side. Another strong feeling that fires inside you when your twin flame is around is the feeling of knowing that you both are meant for each other. 


The Journey is not Smooth Sailing 

The twin flame journey you are on is not always a bed of roses. This is because your twin flame is a mirror image of your soul. It is here to bend, stretch, and transform you into your truest self. Although the entire concept sounds pleasing, the journey is indeed a road filled with rocks and potholes, ups and downs, especially for the less evolved soul in the relationship.

At times you may feel that everything is a mess, the relationship is not going truly, and it is rife with troubles between you and your partner. However, the truth is whatever is happening is a process to evolve both of you as your twin flames know exactly what suits your best interests. The process may feel strenuous but, in the end, everything works out. This is an important part of finding your twin flame. 


One Soul is More Spiritually Evolved 

As the entire concept of having a twin flame is connected to the spiritual world and we are here today introducing the world of tarot readings, it is obvious that one part of the twin flame is more evolved spiritually and connected to the higher world. This can lead to the relationship feeling like a type of interaction with your master, someone who is above you helping you come to be at par with them. This person helps you in your journey of spiritual evolution and awakening.

The less evolved soul may suffer times when they must change their beliefs and rediscover who they are and what their purpose in this world truly is. On the other hand, they also feel that they are being guided by their partner on a path that leads them to understand the purpose of life and finding out who they truly are.  


With them by your side, you know you are home 

The concept of finding a home in someone essentially translates to finding comfort, safety, and protection, in the arms of someone you love. It means with them you are your truest self and can be the person you are without the fear of judgment. This incident happens when you are in the presence of your twin flame.

You do not have the urge to pretend to be someone you are not for them to get to like you. They accept you as a whole, with your flaws and your imperfections. They never let you be ashamed of yourself instead help you grow and evolve into a better version of yourself. With them, you are truly at home.