Four pillars for a fulfilling Career

Four pillars for a fulfilling Career

It is rightfully said half of our time is indulged into working, going to work, thinking about what to do next in the work and spending half of the hours at work. So it is so important to choose the right career for yourself as it is the most important part of our lives and 50% of work cover our life, if we are not satisfied with our work we won't be able to work for longer hours or will be able to enjoy the best part of our life, the life will be full of stress and tensions due to work. So, in order to stay happy, the rest of life, one needs to understand how important is career or work and choosing the right one is so beneficial.

As landing into the wrong field or into that kind of career where you have no interest half of your energy spend will go waste, when you work against your choice it won't lead to a successful and happy life.

So it is very important to understand the Four pillars for a fulfilling and successful career, which not only utilizes your mind and energy but also leading to happiness and gains, we all must be aware of one or two pillars of career but how many of us in real know the significance of these pillars and how many of us follow it?

Let’s look into the importance of these pillars which will lead to a successful and fulfilling career and how many of these you have in place?


Compensation is all about earning money or receiving rewards for the efforts taken by you at work, the money that you earn for your hard work is valued and this value is said to be compensation. This doesn’t mean to go only after money as chasing after this will never end, to lead a fulfilling and satisfying career you should stay grounded and ask for the efforts taken by you, nothing more and nothing less, no one can take advantage or surpass you in your career. When you actually receive money or appreciation for your work and you save it and feel valuable asset it will make your feel better and motivate you to give your best and earn more and be a successful person.


One should focus on their type, kind, and field of work rather than just working on something which they don’t like just to earn money or they are being paid well for it. One should enjoy their work while working rather than wasting time on things in which they have zero interest. In order to achieve a fulfilling career, you need to prioritize work overcompensation. Choose work as per your interest and enjoy your work from which you can gain immense knowledge and utilize your skills too. You should train yourself enough to provide the benefits of it to others and love hardship, and for that, you need to believe and have trust in your work as to whatever you are performing is accepted by you in your interest.


The third pillar towards fulfilling career keeps Lifestyle into consideration, it is an important aspect while searching for a job we need to travel from living to a big city to a small quiet place shifting of jobs takes place in everyone’s life. So, keeping and looking at our lifestyle, one should choose its field and job type otherwise it will create problems in your career ahead. If you are fond of traveling you must go for tourist or photography as your career, and if not better to go for business or banking sectors and a lot more according to your interest.  Choose a job that fits your lifestyle not a full-time worker, or does not likes to work for long- hours, a night shift or a morning person define yourself your interest and lifestyle and work according to it in order to receive enjoyment and benefits from your work.


The fourth and the last pillar towards a fulfilling career is all about the contribution that is the efforts that you put in your work, the value for your work is said to be a contribution made by you, there are only a few people in an organization who makes or are behind the growth of the organization, and everyone wants to among those people there contribution towards work should valuable and brings some gain to the organization otherwise working without goals or contribution just to earn money is of no use. This does not mean you need to be the most important person or head in an organization, all your need is to show your work and results of it will show you automatically.

So these are the four pillars to a successful and fulfilling career, if you were not aware of this, this is the right time to take action and start working according to it, whether it is the start of your career or you are already into it since a long time, you must have realized by reading these pillars that what were you lacking on, were you on right track? Or you were just running towards money and wasn’t enjoying your work to the fullest. In order to be successful, you need to keep Contribution, work, lifestyle and compensation in your mind while you choose your career or the field you might enter this will not only make you successful in work but also in your life, as work covers half of our life and enjoying our work will keep our rest of the lives happy too. Start making a plan before choosing a career and discover what you want from yourself.