Foundations Of A Successful Marriage - Kundli Matching

Foundations Of A Successful Marriage - Kundli Matching

A proper and detailed Kundli Matching involves the consideration of a lot many other factors as well other than just the Guna Milan. Guna Milan is one aspect of the entire process with comparatively greater weightage than others. But this doesn’t mean that the others can be ignored.


A lot of astrologers and online websites calculate the Kundali Match just on the basis of Guna Milan, and their results aren’t as comprehensive as they should be. Thus relying solely on these calculations isn’t a good idea and there’s need of considering other essential factors as well for building a strong foundation for a life long and successful marriage.


This article today compiles together all the important factors, including the most commonly used Ashtakoota Milan, that is taken into account during an in-depth and detailed Kundli Match, to ensure a strong foundation to a successful marriage.


Longevity Match

Longevity Match is one of the important factors that is taken into consideration during a Kundli Match. In this the life span of both the bride and groom is evaluated, as early death of one of them can cause suffering and pain. The match that indicates a shorter life span is preferably avoided.


Mental and Psychological Match

The other important factor is the study of afflictions in the chart. The status of an individual's Mental and Psychological health can be evaluated by determining the nature and intensity of the Ascendant Moon and Mercury in their charts.

For a successful marriage, it’s vital to consider these factors as any tendency of being paranoid and homicidal in the charts can massively affect one’s married life.


Number of Marriages

A proper reading of a horoscope can determine the number of marriages in one’s life and can also tell if there are any tendencies of getting into an extramarital affair.

A prior knowledge of any such happening can obviously cannot be ignored when a marriage alliance is in discussion.


Affliction to the 2nd house

Affliction in the 2nd house of Kutumb Sthana, which deals with prosperity and parental lineage, is also a very essential aspect for a long and successful marriage. This factor is also taken into account during the Kundli Matching.


Analyzing for the Affliction to the 4th house

Analysis of the Afflictions in the 4th house of Sukh Sthana, can warn the families about the sufferings in their charts. A bad affliction can ruin the happiness of a family and proper analysis is done on the basis of strong laid principles which can determine the future of such an alliance.


Troubles at the 7th house

The 7th house is of a partner and it can tell in detail nature and characteristics of their prospective spouse.

The study of the 1st house of self and the 7th house of partner can give vital information about their compatibility, nature of bonding and potential troubles in their relationship.


Analyzing for the Affliction to the 12th house

The 12th house of Shaiya Sukh Sthan is the last house of Vedic Astrology which determines endings of cycles, and spiritual liberation.

An affliction in this house can cause more than necessary attachments to the physical and material world leading to mental ailment and addictions which can affect the sanctity of a married life.


The Ashtakoot Milan

The Ashtakoot Milan which is commonly known as Guna Milan is the most widely and commonly used process for the Kundli Matching. It’s the mathematical matching of the birth charts of the prospective couple which compares the Guna of both the individuals and shows the result in the form of scores.

The higher the score, the higher the compatibility between the two.


Mangal Matching

Mangal Dosha in your Kundali Match can cause delay in marriage, troubled married life, death of spouse, frequent hurdles and obstacles etc, thus holds a prominent place in the process of Kundli Match.

However, if both have Mangal Doshas in their charts, then there’s no problem in their marriage as both can nullify each others’ effects.


Financial Status

Financial Status is one important aspect for a healthy and stable married life which cannot be ignored.

The monetary aspect and the stability of finances in the future is also included in the in-depth analysis of Kundli Matching.


Overall Compatibility

And lastly, the Overall Compatibility is determined which combines all the above factors and gives the complete and comprehensive picture of the Kundli Match of potential married alliance.

An in depth study of the charts of the individuals can give an astrological thumbs up for a successful marriage and at the same time a certain belief and trust among the family members which ensures a psychological relief about the future of the marriage.