Many people are obsessed with fortune cookies and love the whole concept about fortune cookies, and the message it gives. Fortune cookie messages always seem to only say the good and forgo the bad. In a way, you can say that fortune cookie readings tend to say what you want to hear. Hear me out. The person who has written the message in the fortune cookie must have meant something else, while you as the reader, reads it and interprets your own explanation. 

Fortune cookie reading explained

Needless to say, both the explanations, by the reader and the writer, would be different and the interpretations would be equally different. While they do leave out the bad, they give you hope of things being much brighter and maybe there is something good that comes out of it. Maybe that is why fortune cookies are so famous because, in spite of knowing that they leave out the bad, we want something so good to occur at that time. You are having a bad day, and you decide to buy a fortune cookie because unconsciously you know that everything about that day was bad, and something may just turn out good and help you look forward to. Just like that, our renowned astrologer, Mr Mahesh, is well known for his legendary analysis and classified interpretation, which has brought his client’s joy and happiness. Why? How? Mainly because Mr.Mahesh is always straight to the point, and will explain and tell you how and why the obstacle has occurred or what is the cause of it, and he analysis it and deciphers the problem or hurdle or trouble or an obstacle with effective and productive solutions and remedies that will completely eradicate it. Mr Mahesh’s innate intuition and his natural talent for this has helped people recover their lives through his method of healing for more than twenty-five years.

Fortune cookie reading involves the person seeking the meaning behind the message found in the cookie and that is basic human nature to do so. These cookies offer advice which is on time, surprisingly useful and insightful. If you are looking for some insight for your future or something that would shed some sort of light on your situation or your problems, or even give you some sort of solution for your problem, you are placing your hope on the wrong thing. 

The story behind the fortune cookie and how it originated is actually quite interesting. The Japanese are one thing everyone can agree on. But which one? One story goes on to say that David Jung, a restaurant owner was worried about the homeless living near his restaurant and used to distribute cookie with small pieces of paper that had Bible verses written on it to give them hope and keep them going. While, another story goes on to say that Makoto Hagiwara who was a Japanese immigrant, served these cookies as a thank you to the people who visited the garden he designed.  Regardless, of whoever discovered it, it became quite the sensation because of the unique and exotic concept, as well as the fact that they were hand made and made with the help of chopsticks. 

 Astrology, on the other hand, can help you understand your problem and deal with them in a much better way. It will give you an insight into the future you desire to know about and how to tackle the problem as well. It can tell you the root cause of your problem and will also provide you with various remedies that sort all the problems in your life, and will also warn you about the upcoming problems that will arise and appear in your path. Our trusted Astrologer, Mr Mahesh, scrutinizes the problem and provides trustworthy answers to all your questions, solutions to all your problems and is well known internationally as well as nationally, worldwide for his expertise and knowledge. Mr Mahesh has more than twenty-five years of experience and guides you through your problems, which will give you immense joy and happiness just to be free from it. Contact the website to for more details and consultation with Mr.Mahesh and for further information.


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