Follow Fitness- Look Out for the Perfect Fitness Regime According to your Zodiac

Follow Fitness- Look Out for the Perfect Fitness Regime According to your Zodiac

If we begin this article by following the quote that says ‘an active mind cannot exist in an inactive body. Well, this is not our way of attacking all the lazy bugs out there, but this sure is an attempt to sow the seeds for the need of maintaining an active body regularly. If you have been struggling to figure out ways to get physically active then you should probably think of examining the traits of Mars in your natal chart.

Listed below we have a few ways for you to get physically active, based on your mars sign. So, now gone are the days of you being a couch potato, just gear up and activate your physical strength.

Aries- Box it out!

Roll down the red carpet as we’re welcoming the leaders first. Speaking of these leaders they have plenty of energy to spare. So, Boxing would be an appropriate choice to get their strength activated. Moreover, boxing could also help you release that aggression of yours on the field before you let it out on someone dear to you. Just make sure to spice your routine up now and then to avoid the ‘i’m bored’ state.

Taurus- Grounded activation

Well, now the Taureans themselves are the symbol of strength, but even the bulls need a few new ideas to keep healthy and fit. The perfect way for you to get physically active is to opt for some bodyweight exercises, like squats, planks, and some pushups might also act as an add-on. But don’t forget to treat yourself with a wholesome treat after your workout session.

Gemini- Social fitness

What can one say about these socially active butterflies, their physical body is directly linked to their socially active life. Speaking of how, well their perfect fitness regime would be joining in on a group fitness class. This way you’ll be able to mix up both, fitness as well as gossip.

Leo- Groovy Lions

It’s time for the king of the jungle to get out there on the field. The perfect course of action for the Leos to maintain fitness ragtime is to join a dance class. Regular grooves and moves will help them stay fit and healthy.

Cancer- Fitness at peace

Cancer signs are usually the subtle and sophisticated kinds, and talking about the perfect fitness regime for them then Yoga would be the best course of action for these calm souls. Get your Yoga mats out crabs, as you’re about to set on a peaceful journey to attain your physical health.

Virgo- Fitness at priority

Talking about the most organized signs it would be silly of you to think that they do not already have a plan. Virgos have their fitness routines all assembled beforehand, and even if you wish to change your existing regimes then you are all free to choose the right choice for yourself. Just make sure that you’re keeping track of your progress time and now.

Libra- Friend in need is a friend indeed

Libras are lazy at heart and in order to get them to work out every day you need some solid bait to lure them in. The perfect way to do so is to grab one of your friends as a partner, someone you can rely on to motivate you to follow your regular fitness regime.

Scorpio- Strategic regime

These intense personalities will not settle down for something ordinary, living it large and extraordinary is their motto for life. As per their extraordinary demands, rock climbing is probably the best course of action to achieve an active physical body.

Sagittarius- Adventure is the only way out!

Well, while we talk about these adventurous souls, then regular walks and neighborhood exploration is probably the way to keep your bodies active and your mind healthy. Get your playlist ready and your earplugs in, and go going for a walk!

Capricorn- Speedy regime

Capricorns are highly competitive and there is no way they will let you set a foot on the finish line before they do. According to their competitive streak running is the perfect option for them to follow a regular fitness regime.

Aquarius- Spin it out!

Spinning, whether through virtual sessions or live sessions will probably be the best course of action for a fitness regime. Try out a spin class and witness the transformation.

Pisces- Swim your way through it!

These fishes are best suited in the pool, right? Just grab your swimsuits and begin with your swimming lessons to stay fit and get that summer body working.