FIVE SIGNS THAT SCREAM ‘HE IS THE ONE!’ A guide to finding your best chance at love.

FIVE SIGNS THAT SCREAM ‘HE IS THE ONE!’  A guide to finding your best chance at love.

Finding the right person to match your personality is a significant modern-day issue faced my most. In the age of the ‘hookup’ culture, trusting your partner has almost become an arduous task. With a variety of ‘red flags’ to look out for and complications revolving around the area of individuality, finding your perfect match has come to take up special importance in one’s life. Women and men often find themselves stressing over this issue and that’s how the famous urban lingo question -‘will I ever find the right person?’- emerged. However, we have come up with a few signs to look for in your partner which gets the appreciative nod when it comes to finding the right person!


You are friends first


Building a relation on the basis of friendship is the key to many long-term relationships. The reason for this is because friends acquire natural compatibility with each other and enable one to be in their own comfort zone. Just like the number one rule of friendship, this ensures that your partner is always going to be there for you. Also, it makes it a lot easier to communicate with each other not only about the good and rosy things but also about hard and uncomfortable thoughts. This ensures a healthy flow of comfort and fluidity in a relationship. So, if you consider your partner as your best friend before your lover, you’re on the right path!


Your values align


Barring the individual and personal attributes one possesses, the values between you and your partner should align. To quote LCSW and psychotherapist, Kara Lissy, “Having a conversation about values, such as family, spirituality, personal growth and health is crucial to make sure you and your significant other are on the same page for the long-term.” Opinions regarding the future, career priorities, family and children are important aspects to consider when making your decision. A disagreement in such sectors may lead to untold consequences resulting in unnecessary compromise of one member of the relationship- something nobody wants. With the right amount of compromise necessary and a lot of understanding and mutual decisions, feel free to take the next step!


He brings out the best in you

Being with them makes you feel better about yourself and give your best in every sector of life. From constant moral and physical support to persistent boosts of confidence, you know you have never loved yourself more! They inspire you to do good in the world because they themselves possess said attributes. You are more self-assured, happy and confident. Even when it comes to difficult situations which generally would have been a burden, with them by your side you know they can be smoothly aced. Soak in all the positivity this bond brings about an ace life together!


Possessing a healthy level of independence


Being interdependent on each other to extend that you lose out on your autonomy, is a big no-no. A healthy relationship is built on a strong network of trust and with trust comes ample amounts of independence and respect for private space. When making the right choice you must ensure that your partner does not possess unhealthy amounts of possessiveness and respects the way you want to lead your life. A partner that supports you in your way of living, corrects only the wrong and values your independence, is a partner with a massive check next to his name!


Always there for you, come what may


Every partner enjoys the ups your life goes through by celebrating, dancing and singing through life with you. But, ask yourself, is it the same when it comes to the gloomy days and stormy nights and everything takes a twisted turn? The right person will leave everything aside when you face difficulties in life and help you overcome them with their entire dedication. Be it helping you get over your illness to assisting you to grieve over the loss of a loved one, the right one is always there for you, come what may! We all have had our share of bad relationships and dealt with heartbreak. Life - as you know it, is an unpredictable journey of ups and downs. But, with your partner possessing the above-mentioned qualities, be rest assured to sing and swing through this massive roller coaster together!