First times are always awkward. Mainly because we are so damn nervous and secondly because we have no idea how to get on with it. Basically, we want to have sex yet we have no idea how to start it or what if we mess up? It is so damn nerve-wracking. Not to forget to mention that we obviously want it to be perfect or if it is the first time for your partner, you obviously want it to be perfect for them. It is one hell of a responsibility on your shoulders because your partner trusts you enough to have sex with you for the first time and second, they hope that it would be good at least and if you fail to match up with the expectations, well, it is going to be disappointing as hell.

So here are a few tips or suggestions that will help you make yours or your partner’s (or both) first timeless awkward.

Make sure that you are ready for it.

You do not want to be in a situation where you are getting hot and heavy with your partner and then you realise with panic that you are not ready for this step. It is going to be a huge bummer but mainly, you do not want to do something you definitely do not want to do. And if it is the first time for your partner, make sure that your partner is a hundred per cent ready for this step.

Keep your expectations low.

It is your first time and your partner’s first time with you. So, definitely do not expect to have an earth-shattering or groundbreaking orgasm mainly because both of you need to know each other’s bodies well and what turns you on and what does not. Whatever it is, keeping your expectations high would only lead to disappointment and it is more likely that your partner could be more nervous than you are in the fear of messing up.

Foreplay is a must.

You need to slowly heat the oven, not blast it with heat. Anticipation builds on the sexual tension making the sex it the final result feel much better and wholesome. Foreplay also gives you an idea of what turns your partner on and what does not which builds your confidence during the act.

Wear something pretty that makes you feel sexy and builds your confidence.

Heck, you are already nervous and jittery but if you feel more confident, it will help you a lot. Looking sexy and feeling sexy are directly correlated. If you wear something which makes you feel good and look good, it is going to boost your confidence up and making things less awkward.

Use your tongue a lot.

And when I said use your tongue, I meant to speak up what makes you feel good and what does not, otherwise, it is just going to leave your partner to guess what you like and what you do not like making sex and the foreplay very awkward and a lot like a blind man’s bluff rather than sex.

Stop overthinking it.

Honestly, you should not even be thinking while you are about to have sex. You tend to start overthinking and then one thought leads to another, and your mind is not even in the act anymore. You are stressing over nothing and you will just start popping in imaginary scenarios and zoning out and no one wants to do that.

And in spite of all this, if it still gets awkward? Laugh it off.

If it still gets awkward, remember it is your first time that you are having sex and not the first time you are giving an exam that you have to pass. It is definitely okay and it will be awkward and even if it does get awkward, laugh it off. Not the crazy cackle but if you do have that, well, it is what it is. It would probably make it funnier and memorable. So stop stressing over things and just go with the flow, and relax the hell out.