Finding Difficult to walk away from your past relationship – Steps to Get a Closure Now!

Someone wise once said, “Love is only made more valuable by the risk of heartbreak”. Letting someone go is not easy, but love is not easy in the first place. If you allowed your heart to follow its will, learn to let go. You have dedicated your valuable time and energy in the past to someone you love. Trust is an act of bravery in today’s world.

Hanging on the past is like gripping a rose from the stem. From above all you can see are the beautiful rose petals, the intricate pattern of the roses. The truth is, the rose thorns will prick your fingers, no one looks at that side of the story. While remembering the time that had passed, it is human nature to remember only the good bits of it.

Let’s find out steps that you can take on your spiritual journey to rise like a phoenix:


Let yourself break free

 Every relationship has a few unspoken rules and regulations from both sides. If you wish to reinvent yourself, break up from those rules too. Maybe your ex didn’t like blue and you stopped wearing that colour. It’s time to bring all those hobbies, passions or even small aspects of your life that you didn’t let yourself enjoy before.  Die your hair! Get that dress! Exercise! You are the rule maker and breaker of your life. Let your spirits guide you.


Recognize the obsessions

 Perhaps you have made a sturdy decision to not think about your ex but everywhere you go, you are reminded of them. You try to block your mind, chain your spirits and still, the thought creeps in your mind and bugs your spirit. Allow yourself to let the spirit think about them. Love is not a matter of the brain, it is all about the heart. It is a possibility that your mind has understood the departure of the one you cared about but your soul hasn’t. Talk about your feelings, journal it if you want. Don’t let the feeling of love haunt your mind.


Solitude and Loneliness

 It’s strange how time goes, one day you were talking to them for hours and today you see them in a completely different vibe. Again, remember why you took the road to part ways. At the same time, their departure could make you feel like you are missing something from your life. It could be very hard but easy at the same time to convert this loneliness into solitude.

Allow yourself to grow spiritually. The deep pain of loneliness will have vanished if you focus on yourself and your spirituality. Try making a spiritual routine and follow it religiously. You can’t be lonely if you are in the company of God.


Learn to detach

 It is said that Expectation is the root of all heartache. A chief concept of Buddhism is that all suffering is born from holding on the relationships that weren’t yours in the first place. Take a moment to clench your hand as hard as possible, the tighter you clench, the more it hurts. This is the same with expectations. Don’t set your expectations too high that nothing ever comes outright.


Impermanent doesn’t mean insignificance 

 Your relation may be short-lived, maybe it was for years. Now that you broke up it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t important in your life. Don’t pretend that you didn’t go through the phase. Accept what you went through. Don’t be rude to someone just because they are friends with your ex. Your breakup is not about choosing sides, until unavoidable. Be the bigger person in your relationship. Value and prioritize your spiritual happiness by practising meditation.


Open your heart to love again

 You have learnt a lot from your past. Use your experience in the future, don’t run away from happiness. It may sound absurd at the moment but the world is not as cruel as you think it is. Let your spirits be free. The sun always shines after the storm. Your hardest time is over and you took a brave decision, trust your spirit guide and follow it.

 After all this you made a decision; the spirits guide you. Don’t forget why you made that decision. Being in the past may lead you to miss your presence.

 The present is a gift that is why it is called- Present. Don’t waste your life on the have been, focus your spiritual energy on the present and make it worthwhile.

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