There can be a lot of reasons that push a person towards having extramarital affairs. The main one is the very busy life of the people around.

Then there are mobile phones which engages everyone to such an extent that they remain busy for no reason.

This can make us value people who are actually important and that this leads to destruction as well as dishonesty. 

The compatibility amongst husband and wife can also be less which will make their relationship an unhealthy one. 

The constant bugging by the girl’s parents can be yet another cause for the trouble caused to the husband.

The environmental factors can also contribute towards such affairs. It could be the need to grow richer, work pressure, or financial cases which leads someone to look at the outside world for support. 

However, Indian culture is now starting to get attracted towards extramarital affairs. There are ways to test if someone is in an extramarital affair or not using birth charts.

Extramarital Affairs using Birth Charts: Analysis

If in Lagna is in the star of Ketu in the birth chart of the girl then this can indicate extramarital affair on the girl’s part. Mars and Ketu are the ones that can spoil the 7th house in astrology.

Such a horoscope will represent a sex-addicted woman. It is possible for her to be approached by many and any person. The person could be close to her and she, being married will just not refuse. 

The 8th house represents secret sex. Moon in such a horoscope is pretty weak and this affects its powers. The Saturn star will join Rahu. This is in the 7th house.

Since Ketu and Lagna are associated with the 7th house, it is this house that is affected badly and leads to the act of extramarital affairs. 

Extramarital Affairs using Birth Charts: Detailed Analysis

Moon, Lagna as well as Saturn star all are a part of the 8th house here. Therefore, the chances of secret sex are pretty high.

The chances increase because the lord of the 7th as well as the 8th house are same. On top of that, the mentality is such that the person having this birth chart is prone to multiple sex with someone else. 

The chances that the native of this birth chart is someone who has an affair with a girl who is 5 years younger to him. Venus is affected because of Rahu and thus the person is having an extramarital affair because of that.

Extramarital Affairs using Birth Charts: Position of Planets

To see if someone is having an affair or not, it is important to judge the position of planets. However, it is different for men and women. 

For judging whether the man is having an affair or not, look at Scorpio sign, 8th house from Lagana and Moon as well as Venus.

For judging whether the girl is having extramarital affair or not, see Scorpio, 8th house from Lagana and Moon as well as Mars. 

The possibility if someone will be indulged in an affair of any kind depends a great deal on the position of all these planets.

Mars and Venus play an important role in this position as they define the sexual urge in someone. This will also tell if the husband or wife will be able to satisfy their partner or not and if it will lead to cheating. 

All the complications that arise due to the placement of Venus and Mars will lead to extramarital affairs.

Extramarital Affairs using Birth Charts: Summary

Therefore, in order to see if the chances of extramarital affairs is high or not, one is advised to check the 11th house first.

This will predict the tendency of your partner to cheat. This house represents friends, business gains, income and is best to predict the love of your partner. 

Since the cases of extramarital affairs have increased due to the social media world, it is important to predict its chances and take measures to avoid it beforehand.

All this can be done very easily if the birth chart of the husband and wife is read properly. Try to read all the planets carefully too. 

The above are some ways which can predict if either husband or wife has lost their path. Proper measures can avoid an unhealthy relationship. Thus, consulting a proper and experienced astrologer is necessary for this purpose.