Find your Mr/Ms. Right Through the Charms of Astrology

Find your Mr/Ms. Right Through the Charms of Astrology

When you talk about kundali matching the first thing that comes to your mind is love. Everyone wants to know when they will find the right person to spend the rest of their lives with and when these people will enter their life. Astrology states that patience is the key to find love and eventually every person will find their soulmate. 

Each person is looking for a different trait for their future partner, however, many people dont realize that astrology and planets know you better than you know yourself. Planets can predict and determine everything about a persons life and have much more control than one would think. Kundali matching can give you all the information you need for anything regarding your love life. 

It can tell you how your love life will unfold and what will be the right time to settle down according to the position of your planet along with your horoscope. There is a reason why you will eventually consult an astrologer before getting married but you should also have some knowledge about what are the major planets behind your love life. 

Role of Venus in finding love 

It is a fact that Venus is the planet that supervises everything that is going on in your love life and astrologers believe that Venus represents everything related to your love life as well. If youre someone who has major questions regarding your love life, Venus is the planet that you should study. Venus has a different relationship with each planet and when it interacts with other planets it brings out a different opportunity. 

Each opportunity shows a different way of love and everything that goes on with it. In order to have a successful relationship which later on becomes a marriage, one must have venus in a strong position. It has the ability to make your life filled with happiness and joy as you are with the partner that will make your life just that. 

Venus is known for having different relationships with different planets. In the case of the planet Jupiter, When it meets with Venus it gives the person more chances of finding a person that turns out to be their soulmate. You will get a lot of opportunities to date and find that special someone with the help of Venus. 

Venus conjunction with Saturn 

Love is never all rainbows and sunshine as Saturn is the planet that represents the tough period of the relationship. Everyone is aware of the rough part of the relationship as it is when things get serious. People react to these tough situations differently but the reason for these tough situations can be when Venus and Saturn come together. 

When these planets come together it means that things are about to get serious and you better watch out. Saturn is a planet that can be described as a pokey one and someone who watches your every step. Any person must watch their step when these planets come together as they may be in store for a rough patch. 

It can really test the strength of the relationship as Saturn being the planet of justice will test you. It is the planet of loyalty and it wants you to go the distance. But dont screw up with this planet as it does not forget if you do something wrong and wont spare you for your wrong actions. 

Venus conjunction with Uranus 

When Uranus and Venus come together, things are about to get spicy in your life. The relationship between these planets states that someone or something from your past is about to make their way back into your life. Millennials will be all too familiar with ex-partners making their way back into their lives and creating a steer. 

If someone gives you crap about getting back together with your ex now you can blame Venus and Uranus. The sudden comeback can be both positive or negative in your life. If you're someone who is moved on then this will cause trouble whereas if you think that splitting up was a mistake youre in for a treat. In this situation, you may find yourself getting attracted by a complete stranger or an outsider but dont slip up as thats not the real thing.