Find the Netflix series that suits your zodiac

Find the Netflix series that suits your zodiac

We are all stuck in this pandemic and it is hard at times to distinguish between day and night because we are in the house all the time! This is a piece for all the people who miss adventure in their life, who think that being home is awful and cannot go out due to the virus. (Good for you it is deadly out there and you should stay at home. No doubt!) If you wish to use this time for your entertainment and do not know where to start, you are in the right place. We have curated this list of zodiacs and the shows they will like just for you, so don’t wait and check out the next series you must watch.

Aries - Peaky Blinders

Aries are the leaders and love to resonate with people who act as the alpha in all the scenarios. The protagonist of this show- Thomas Shelby is a treat to the eyes and the mind. This five-season series, with season 6 in production deserves all the hype.

Taurus - Sherlock

There are so many adaptations of Sherlock that people have lost count but the way Benedict Cumberbatch brings Sherlock Holmes to life is unbeatable. This show brings the character of Sherlock out of the 1800 and into the modern world. The intelligent Taurus mind will love this show for sure.

Gemini - Shadow and Bone

Imagine the ambiance of “Game of Thrones” with a YA series and add some spice to “The witcher” what you might get are Shadow and Bone. This fantasy show will give the Gemini mind of yours a break from the mundane tasks and take you on an adventure. 

Cancer - The Umbrella Academy

 This show is a treat to all emos out there. This show is based on award-winning comics written by My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way.  The premise is set on a dysfunctional family of superheroes and connects to the Taurus mind because of how eccentric but real it can be.

Leo - Bridgerton

This show is made for the loyal Leos. This show is based on a series written by Julia Quinn. The drama- romance is more than the cliché that people like to share. If you like to go for the drama this series can be your jam.

Virgo - Hannibal

This show is based on the Thomas Harris novel which shares the name. The skepticism that Virgos have will hook them to this show. With great acting by Mads Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy this serial killer story is one to die for.  

Libra - The queen’s gambit

People think this show is about chess and then skip it. This gem of the show can be a special treat to the Libra as they like to keep a counter of right and wrong moves just like the game of chess. Do not confuse this seven-episode series as a match of chess when it is so much more. Watch the series and find out.

Scorpio - Love death and robots

 The sci-fi on this list will be a delight for the Scorpio who have polarising personality traits. This series is tantalizing and will keep your mind busy when you think about it, again and again. This series Is the result of a team-up between David Fincher and Tim Miller.

Sagittarius - Sex Education

 If you are in your teens or wish to visit them filled with nostalgia this series is just for you. The teens are awkward and confusing times but this series understands it and does not glorify the nature of teens. Don’t go on the name, it’s not that explicit but pretty sweet. 

Capricorn - The assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story

Reason one to watch this? The dreamy Darren Criss. We don’t think you need more but to talk about the show, it is not what you might think it is at the first glance. This show is thought to be of fame and fortune but in reality, you can see the twistedness of American Psycho that we are sure your Capricorn heart will love.

Aquarius - The good place

This show will give you an idea of the afterlife and we are not talking about the scary kind but the funny kind. The hippy side of Aquarius will find the show to be quirky but deep at the same time.

Pisces - The crown

This is the most expensive series of Netflix and traces down the lives of the British royal family. With four seasons and counting this series is so apt for Aquarius that you need to watch it now!

Next time you are confused about what to do the next time you are bored and alone Netflix will cheer you up