Find out your birthstone if you are born in the month of March


Young, old or any millennia all of us might have an idea on the birthstones. These gems and their vivid colors have something to do with your birth month, have you known that? They are not only mere gifts, but they add much more to it. You will know as you read along!

In case you are searching for gems or looking out for birthstones according to the month of March, then you are in the right place. Ideally, this blogs will cover the brief of the gems or birthstones, importance, uses, and the effectiveness of the gem.

Let’s begin…


Birthstone and its belief

These are the gems that are related to your birth month, zodiac signs and to the time of your birth. Every month has a different gem to wear on, this belief is traced back to the sources which are linked to the 5th century AD.

This means one can find there would be twelve gemstones, one each representing each month of the year! Some find it to be superstitious and for some, it is their belief to have one for well-being.

Without further ado shall we know what gemstone for the month of march is? Here we go…


March birthstone

Birthstone for the month of march is what your search would be but the exact question to be asked is how many birthstones are for the month of March. Yes, you read it correctly – ‘how many’ some say one and according to other sources it depends. Typically, there are five birthstones that depend on the person’s zodiac or the time of birth.


Five birthstones

  1. Aquamarine
  2. Bloodstone
  3. Jasper
  4. Jade
  5. Gold – Siva Linga


The most prominent birthstone is “Aquamarine”

Why five? Over the year’s birthstone evolution has been taking place and hence the beliefs are not just rooted in a single place. Know at a glance about each birthstone for the month of March, the beliefs are the most recent, modern one is aquamarine. And for traditional it is bloodstone, the stones Jade and Gold – Siva linga represent Tibetan and Indian beliefs.

On this note, you should be wondering what significant role the birthstone plays and which one to choose!  


Significance of each birthstone

The custom of birthstones has changed according to the origin, tradition, modern, and eastern or western views on the gemstones. In the initial days, it was from the western custom that brought light to the gemstones.

And with the changing times, there was an effort to standardize the gemstones, hence the belief in eastern customs is of nine celestial bodies according to which the gemstones are advised.

Let’s see what significance each stone has:

  1. Aquamarine – It being the primary one, in modern times the birthstone is aquamarine which is in greenish-blue color. It can also be called emerald as green is known for; this has replaced the traditional belief gemstone bloodstone. The gemstone is believed to provide happiness and release anxiety.


  1. Bloodstone – The alternate of aquamarine birthstone is this one. It is also known as heliotrope which is associated with the traditional belief. Hence one can find the gemstone suggested in roman, polish, Arabic, and old Hindu calendar. it is believed to have red spots on the greenstone which is commonly worn by warriors and athletes. This signifies that stone provides courage and enhances physical strength.


  1. Jasper – Common in traditional beliefs of ancient Roman, Russian, Italian calendars is Jasper's birthstone representing the birthstone for the month of March. This stone is a variety of chalcedony that is opaque and red in color. The birthstone balances positive and negative energies and, hence stabilizing the personality.


  1. Jade – Similar to the bloodstone gem it is worn to get physical strength which is also considered for love and virtue. This stone can be seen in the Tibetan calendar.


  1. Gold Siva- Linga – Hindu calendar dates the significance of the birthstone which refers to the flesh color jasper with thick lines of brown on it. The gemstone is highly sacred and is never cut.


Now that you have known what the birthstones are, its significance, and its effect if worn find out which one suits you the best.


Conclusion: You call it a myth or fashion, every one of us has once believed in the gemstone which gets us Goodluck and why not to believe when these stones are not artificial but are the natural minerals formed which are from the Earth.

It is said a human body is made up of the Earth elements and hence the effect of the stone is evident on the person according to the birth month. Each gemstone has its own strength and hence if you go for one do check for the details before you choose.


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