Find out all the ways how you like to be spoiled as per your Zodiac sign

Find out all the ways how you like to be spoiled as per your Zodiac sign

We all like when we get pampered by our partners. Flowers and chocolates are liked by everyone regardless of how unromantic they are. Each heart has a sappy corner of its own which likes getting showered by flowers and sweets of all kind.

Love comes in many forms, sizes and shapes, so does jewellery boxes. Not everyone like the over- the- top displays of affection some people just like that magic touch of having breakfast in bed. They find it more intimate and romantic.

So let’s check what you like most according to your zodiac sign. Check out for the zodiac sign of your partner too and maybe surprise them the next weekend.


Aries goes by one simple hedonistic philosophy- The bigger the better. They like big announcements of love and showing off their love to everyone. They like being spoiled by their partner. When their partner goes and extra mile to make them happy that makes them elated. A romantic evening in their favourite restaurant would make them more than happy.  


They like everything personalised and when their senses get stimulated. A Taurus would be happy with a stay at home date. A good backrub, wine and home-cooked meal are enough to make them happy and cherished. They do not like rich and expensive gifts but personalised gifts are what blows their minds.


The twins like being spoiled more than any other zodiac sign. They are sappy and romantic at heart but their rational side does not let them show it to the ones who they love. They feel understood when they are gifted with something.

They love arts and nurturing their intellect, so gifting them with tickets to their favourite concert or art gallery would make them happy.


They are very emotional and like being nurtured in return. They like when their feelings are returned with the same passion. They do not wish for big announcements of love but little things matter to them. Find his and hers matching shirts to gift and look at their smile grow.


The proud lions like to get what they want. If you plan on giving the perfect gift ask them with subtle hints about what they want and chances are they will answer you. They have high egos and feel like the main character of films at all times. Give them a gift that you would give to a star.


It is very easy to spoil a Virgo with love. They notice all the little things about you and love surprises that have no long term implications. If you go and tattoo their name on yourself as a surprise, they might not like it, but gift them a little cupcake in their workplace and see them fawning over you.


They like getting spoiled and they are not very selective with your methods to please them. It is safe to say that anything works with them. They like travelling so surprise vacations are always liked by them. On the other hand, they like the little surprises too.


They are the most romantic sign of the zodiac spectrum and wish to have gifts like that in return. They are also the most spoiled zodiac sign. Being in a relationship with a Scorpio is like being on a daily adventure. They would like to have some time with their girl gang or being in the bar with the boys. An evening with you and their friends will excite them.


They are nomads at heart and crave adventure in their daily routine. They hate being tied down to one place. When you wish to gift something to a Sagittarius try your best to have an adrenaline-filled activity. A day of adventure sports or water parks will be adored by them.


They are traditional lovers and are sappy for old-school romance. So when you are trying to find the perfect gift for a Capricorn, check out the stores for flowers, chocolate and teddy bears. Writing a love letter with these gifts will also make them happy.


If you are dating an Aquarius you need to think out of the box with your gift choice. Try gifting them the stuff which is related to their hobbies and interests. They are quirky and weird at times and deserve a gift that is as quirky as they are.


They wish to have a long term gift rather than one that will not last long. They like collecting memories. Chocolates and flowers are not the ones for them. Try giving them the stuff that will last longer so they will remember you whenever they see the gift.