Find out about yourself with the starting letter of your name with Numerology!

Find out about yourself with the starting letter of your name with Numerology!

Many divination tools have been made available to us now through various means of Tarot Reading, Palmistry, Numerology, etc. These either can be considered a science or a “divination” tool that will help you to know yourself better and equip you with information never available before.

Numerology is a tool that has been in use centuries before, from the time of Pythagoras till now. Numerology is based on the relationship discovered between numbers, words, names, and patterns. Numerology employs various methods to find out about oneself. It includes finding our lucky number, destiny number, and even karmic number. But have you ever wondered that even the starting syllable of your name can signify million-ton things about you?

Let us take a look at all the alphabets from A to Z and what they mean for a person whose names start with any of these syllables which it will.

A –

People whose name starts with an A might come off as exclusive and rude but inwardly they are warm and generous but swaying more on the egotistical side.

B –

These people are sociable and gregarious. They make friends easily and love to exchange gifts with their loved ones.

C –

The C Alphabet is more on the intellectual side and works practically. They are initiators of good, stimulating conversations in a group but lack a sense of humor.

D –

The people whose name begins with D are considered romantic. One hug from their partner will melt all their problems away and are always loyal.

E –

These people possess a healthy sense of humor and a knack for creating a light-hearted atmosphere everywhere they go. They are proactive and love exercising.

F –

F starting people are devotees of life. They enjoy every little thing in their life but sometimes lead a very wayward path which can make their life experience unpleasant.

G –

These people love leading a luxurious lifestyle. They are usually born in a well-to-do household and prone to get bored easily. They need to work hard to earn respect in their life.

H –

These people are helpful and have a lot of energy to do any kind of task available. They are meditator type of people, capable of handling difficult relationships.

I –

‘I’ People are a bit selfish and crown themselves as superior to people around them. They need to be worshipped all the time and will find difficulties if their attitude doesn’t change.

J –

These people are helpful, cheery, and optimistic. They are also quite expressive and creative in their pursuits of life.

K –

These people are often secretive and love to eavesdrop on people’s conversations. They think they are a spy but they just love gossip in reality.

L –

These people are romantic with a knack to go on adventures with their closest friends and spouse. They make supportive partners and can keep a secret.

M –

The people have chubbier cheeks and can’t keep a secret. You will always see them smiling and helping others.

N –

These people love getting pampered and hide when difficulties arise. Being brutally honest is their virtue.

O –

People whose name begins with O love to have fun and are generally playful. They are quite possessive of the people they love.

P –

These people are intelligent and work hard to gain name and fame, attracting everyone.

Q –

These people are full of energy who are like a walking encyclopedia. They love reading on different subjects as much as possible.

R –

These people are very action-oriented who believe in physical prowess more and lead an active, balanced life involving sports, gym, and yoga.

S –

These are emotionally strong people capable of handling tough, volatile emotional situations around them. They keep quiet and speak only when necessary.

T –

These people love to be private and do not share what they feel inside as honestly as possible. Although, they are quite funny on the outside.

U –

These people are happy-go-lucky types who are always on the go to find the next best thing in their life.

V –

These people prize their freedom and will cut anyone who tries to hinder it. They are calm and placid in tough situations.

W –

These people are double-faced who feel proud inside but act as a humbled creature outside.

X –

These people are what you can eccentric and freaky type who is non-judgemental and live to their fullest potential.

Y –

These people are independent who love to work more. They want to make this world a better place.


These people are friendly and firm when it comes to speaking. They love a good fight when things get rough, with a natural tendency to make them better.