Tarot card reading is a type of spiritual science that helps a person draw a psychic inference out of the turmoil and confused mind. It basically is a fortune-telling practice through the direction of the tarot cards. It is a spiritual map that comprehends the journey of our life. Tarots are objects, more specifically a deck of 78 cards has a certain representation, symbolism, illustration, and story. The cards have two subdivisions, one known as Major Arcana cards consisting of 22 tarots that essentially represent the spiritual and Karmic lessons of life and the other being Minor Arcana cards with 56 cards, illustrating the roughness and trials we face in our day to day lives. The origin of this tradition is unknown, but pieces of evidence track it back in the fourteenth century in Europe.

Tarot cards are considered to be an illustration of our life, a reflection of our soul and the gateway to our inner spirituality, intuition, and wisdom. They are meant to invoke our innermost self, awareness and a higher sense of wisdom.  Tarot card reading can be used whenever we are stuck in the middle of something or need to make an important decision, goal setting, or any simpler task.



Money is a medium of exchange of goods and services and one of the chief reasons for one’s abundance. It is vital for buying food, housing, comfort, and luxury. Do you need answers to your money related questions? Do you want guidance for establishing a business or taking up a new job? Are you having financial concerns or stress and turmoil related to money? Well, in such cases, tarot card reading can prove really useful to you. Predicting and improving finances with tarot cards is quite simple and the minor cards are mostly preferred for the process to find solutions to most of the financial questions.

Using tarots gives you a clearer image when it comes to handling assets and money. One could go for a three-card reading, or just for the separate suit of coins from the deck or a yearly reading to look into the general predictions or any apparent warning. You could have a tarot card session on yourself with you have enough intuition and the tarot deck or you could go to a tarot reader.

As soon as the cards are placed, the symbols dive deep into your subconsciousness. When the three cards are picked, the first card represents your past financial conditions, the second tarot is an illustration of your current assets, and the third card represents your financial future. You could pick up additional cards for an additional sense of clarity below the first three picked up cards. You must formulate one specific question for each of the tarot readings and try designing the answer in your subconsciousness through the symbolic representation of the cards.

Few examples of the money tarot cards are the given below:

  • Ten of Pentacles: It shows that you have enough bounty that can be shared with others.
  • Six of Wands: They signify a cash prize or reward on the basis of our hard work.
  • Nine of Pentacles: They illustrate the fact of your luxury and prosperous life.
  • Ace of Pentacles: They are the representation of a new opportunity in your life, a pay rise, a new job, etc.
  • Sun: It shows a good amount of savings or high pay.
  • Four of Pentacles: This card suggests you save more, spend less and be careful about assets.
  • Wheel of Fortune: It is a promise of good luck, like a surprise gift.
  • Seven of Pentacles: You can expect long term investments with a good dividend.
  • Nine of Cups: It is the card representing the law of attraction. Basically, it means if you believe in something, you will achieve it.
  • Page of Pentacles: It is an indication of a new opportunity.



Tarot reading dives into your spiritual subconsciousness and tells everything you need to know about your financial situation. It can guide you through your troubles, let you know about the percentage of your success and the direction you need to work to achieve it if you have accomplished your monetary goals or how much time and hard work you need, all of these in intricate details. It also provides future insights if there are signs of upcoming woes or troubles or if the pace of income is smooth or will reap more bounties.