Finance horoscope for 2020

Finance horoscope for 2020

Astrology can reveal anything & everything in general. From our personality or tendency towards something & how does it affects our life to planetary position & retrogrades’ effects in one’s life.

How the year 2020 will be for your finance? Will it bring more success & money to you or flow of money will continue throughout or your expenses will be higher than your income.

Let’s see what 2020, the very first year of a new decade, will bring for you & your family in the sector of finance & money while going through all the 12 zodiacs of astrology.


For Aries year 2020 will prove good in every sector & same is with finance also.

The first 3 months will be very beneficial, one can get any secret wealth or investments made in the past, which can also benefit you. You can get attractive packages in the job also or a much-needed increment.

But be aware, when it comes to saving especially after May & September. Also, keep an eye on your investments from September onwards. All in all this year will be beneficial & you can find your finance sector strong.



This year will be a good  one for Bulls & will bring a lot of money throughout the year.

You can also expect sudden money from somewhere or expect gains in business. But be cautious while taking any financial decision, you can expect a delay in getting your money back.

But after September, things will get back to track & the ones who are working or want to work in any multinational company can expect increment.


This year decision made by you are going to benefit you a lot in finance.

Position of the moon & mars can help you in business & mixed results can be seen in finance.

After May avoid taking risks in stock markets as it will prove harmful. In September you can expect gains in your expenditure. But things will be back to the track from November onwards & you can get your balance back.


This year mixed results will be there for Cancer. There are the probability of both money gain as well as loss.

You can invest your money in buying a property or car, which was kept pending for years.

Focus more on saving this year as there are high probability of an economic crisis, do make a proper budget year wise & month wise also.

You can expect gains in business but you also have to spend a lot on projects, but it will prove beneficial in the future. Though avoid taking shortcut & also be a little shabby this year.


You will get a lot of money this year which will improve your financial condition a lot. You can try your luck in the share market also, & show your risk-taking and adventurous side well, as it can benefit you.

Sun & Mercury’s combined movement can prove very beneficial.

Also, the Mars position can help in bringing a new home or vehicle or any property. You can get all your pending money very easily.

Although you can spend big amount somewhere, that will prove a good decision, and bring happiness to your faces.


The position of Mars & Venus will prove very beneficial for you financially.

Though you can see it going at a very slow pace, till the year-end you will find yourself economically strong.

This year, pay importance to your expenditures & do spend only wherever necessary. You will feel an immense increase in your luxuries. But not let overconfidence capture you. And take steps wisely while investing, so that you won’t regret it later on.


For Librans, this year will be mixed on financially.

You can get your money back if was pending. Also, property-related investments can be in your favor. There are high chances of your spending on any luxury.

But from may your expenses will also increase. So better keep an eye overflow of money. From September onwards don’t take any finance-related decision in a hurry as it will be very harmful.

But after November things will get better & you will feel relieved and satisfied.


This year will be a good one for you guys as if the expenses increases too, then there are high chances that it will be for some good and auspicious work only.

You can go for home renovation or spend in any luxury. Also, those who are thinking of getting a loan can easily get it. In March last, you will be lucky in terms of money gains.

The period between May to June can be problematic for you but soon things will get back to its place & new doors will open for you.


You can expect gains from a paternal property or in money & finance. Slowly & steadily you will strengthen & improve your financial condition, but you may have to face any issue for a short period & it will test your patience a lot.

This year luck will work in your favor & will bring prosperity and stability in your life.

In may, first week you will face various issues related to finance, as you may not be able to return back someone’s money, if taken or can’t get your money back if given. Also, you should stop spending in useless things.

After a long wait, you can expect the lost balance back in your life from September onwards.


This year will prove to be a tough one for the goat mainly financially. If you are from the production field then you have to be more aware.

But with time the hardworking, consistent & tough Capricorn will get their stability back.

Also with the retrograde of Saturn in your sign, you can expect financial gains.

Time from April last to September may test your patience a lot. & can make you a little anxious. But after September, especially in between October to December, stars will start working for good, & you can expect much-awaited result in your favor.


This year may come as fruitful for some as it will put a stop in all your money related issues mainly lack of money.

But Saturn transit will bring bad luck & increase your expenses. Also, Jupiter transit on 30th march will force you to take the wrong decision & trust too much, so be aware, as you may face loss due to that.

Money related problems will be at its peak from may but things will start getting back to the track from September onwards. All in all, this year will be an average one & only your wisdom can get you through this.


This year will prove a good one for Piscean as they can expect an increase in their earning. Saturn transit can bring lots of money to you but expenses will also be very high as this year will not be good in terms of health for you guys.

Jupiter’s transit will only prove beneficial for some as you can save money in this period easily.

From May 11th, problems may start again as money can’t be received easily. But soon everything will be fine, but while making any investment be hundred percent assured and take advice from someone elder also and then only take a step forward.

After September last, your position and power may increase and hence gain will be high.

All and all this year will be good but also a tough one for Pisces.