In a setting like India, there are several aspects that one needs to look into, as India is a country full of traditions and cultures. And these traditions are of utmost importance for the citizens of India as these customs help us maintain the superstitious roots and the essence of Indian culture.  

Speaking of culture and traditions, I’m sure that our elderly might’ve told us about the significance of all the traditions and rituals as these rituals help us predict our future. While one is speaking of rituals and culture, the thought of astrology is quite obvious to pop up in our minds.  

Astrology ad its aspects are quite important in order to predict our future, even though, the current generation does not really get along with concepts of astrology as they tend to belong to a millennial school of thought. But even after the generational advancements these roots and cultures of India are exactly where there were.  

The ancient Vedic astrologers have laid out several sets of norms regarding the different elements of astrology. And as for this article let us examine all the possible aspects of the Moon.    


We have several poets and story writers who tend to use the moon and its charm as a  part of their metaphoric writings, and it has been intricately woven into our Mythology, classic literature, poetry, and in several astrological studies as well. Just like the way plants need photosynthesis as a part of their food in order to grow, likewise, the Hindus tend to ink their growth to that of the moonlight. So, let us throw some light on a few sectors related to the moon.  


Our body tends to consist of two parts- the prana and mind, and the full moon works its magic respectively in both sectors. The energy of the full moon enters into one of our glands and then it takes control of all the activities of the human body from waking up in the morning to going to sleep at the night.  

The full moon has a number of effects on our physical body, as it is believed that humans were the first ones to be affected by the lunar activity. It is said that there is a deep and mystical connection between the hormonal changes, elements like fertility, birth rate, reproductive factors, and sexual behaviors with the different lunar cycles.  


As we mentioned earlier that the full moon tends to have an effect on both the human mind and the human body. We mentioned a brief about the full moon and its charms on the human body, now let us have a look at the same for the human mind. The human mind consists of the subconscious, conscious and para-conscious sectors and the full moon tends to affect all three through a separate lens.  

Speaking of the subconscious mind majorly, to basically tend to own the imprints of positive as well as the negative thoughts and it holds the memories, actions, and imaginations that we accumulate in our lifetime.  

The full effects the subconscious mind by bringing the thought of frequencies into it and these frequencies tend to rise to the conscious due to which one might feel a little irritated, agitated, crazy, and mindless as well. And as per these readings, it is a proven fact that on the days of a Purnima or what we call a full moon, people with certain psychic disorders might face an increase in their emotions as well as their anxiety levels.  


The full also tend to have different effects on functions of the women and the men separately. The effects of the full moon on a woman are that of an increase in sexual desires, new ideas, and deep intuitions. Whereas the men tend to be more inwardly focused and they also feel more temped to satiate their sexuality.  

P.S.- The above are the listed factors of the full moon on the human mind and human body, so if you’re wondering about a few things related to the full moon then you should definitely have a read into the above article.  






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