The relationship is a beautiful and pure bond between two individuals. It is the affinity to be bonded to each other no matter what the situation demands.

There comes a situation in life where you might feel the trust trembling and the fear is saturating the cup of love. That is the sense that gives birth to the feeling named Insecurity.

How does Insecurity wrap up your life?

Insecurity is a very petite term. People use it in random nowadays. But the real meaning is deep. It evolves the self-doubt instead of the self-love in the person. When the self-doubt enters in the mind, success cease to occur, there comes a blockage in the thinking process depleting the manifestation.

Altogether, when it starts harming the relationship with your own self, it will also affect and sabotage your physical realms and relationships, surrounding you.

Due to the aura of insecurity, various negative traits tend to take shape in our reality. That is all portrayed through our emotions of how we feel and how we go through during that situation. It involves blaming the other person for flaws, envy, assuring the reality in the repetitive pattern, trust issues, “You have changed” thoughts and secluding life from your own partner.

What is Attachment?

The attachment is the root of all the heartaches caused to you. Love is serene therefore it is beautiful when it is free. When you are attached to a person, you want everything to work according to you but when you love without any expectations of receiving the same love you shower, it becomes way more beautiful. It makes the thoughts get back to the track.


Nobody but you can make yourself happy. You are the anchor of your own happiness. No relationship is a fairy tale of a Barbie land. There are no birds weaving dresses for you neither are pumpkin changing into a beautiful ride. In reality, Relationships are way more beautiful. When you worry about your person without letting them know. That is intense. When you gather all the courage to venture towards another beautiful day with the hope of being loved. That is intense.

You are your own courage and that makes you what you are today and why people love you. You might be right to many. You might be wrong to many. The real answer depends on what you believe.


There are times when you get blamed for something that is not faulted. You become alert and aware of the situation.

In the same way, if you directly react to the problem and demand answers to your questions, it is likely to convert into an irrational fight, blame game, silent treatment, etc. All these would eventually lead to nowhere. You will be back to where you started.

If you feel there is an urgency to confront a situation, clear your mind, and face them with your thoughts with patience and compassion. It is always better to avoid being overwhelmed.

Accept the fact that no person is right or wrong. It is only a matter of their own perspective and where it leads them to. You will slowly but surely reach to the answers you have been searching for. Truth never hides.


Getting straight to the point, every individual communicate without each other be it a girl with a boy or a boy with a girl. Everyone has their own comfort zone of interaction. There are no rules of not talking to the opposite sex, therefore, friendship with any human is possible.

Now the twist is that insecurity thrives in into many relationships when their partner communicates with the person of the opposite sex. Initially, it might be just out of curiosity but later, it might transform into something huge such as stalking, secretly opening their messengers, present an excuse to have their phone to keep a track on their call list.

In the beginning, when your partner is proven innocent, it triggers you to religiously keep a track over almost everything, they are up to. Such behaviors are addictions. It does nothing but slowly destroys the foundation of the relationship.

When your partner gets to know about your actions that would certainly strike an effect on them.


When you are madly in love, there are situations when decision making becomes easier for you, it is only them and nobody else. You share intimacy with your person with glaring fire. Lots of kisses, the warmth of hugs, unexpected cuddles, passionate love-making, and living each moment of your life with the one you love is the elixir of your life.

But before falling in such a beautiful feeling, feel the love for yourself.

This is an important part of your reality. Without self-love, everything is meaningless. Your love for others is incomplete as well.

Give some time to yourself. Love yourself the way you want others to love you. Feel the beautiful soul that you are.

When you feel that, insecurity is just a word then. You create a whole new life full of abundance where you feel you are whole. You are sharing your precious life with someone else and if there are worth it then only they are accepted to unravel the mysterious side of you.

Be your own love.

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