New Moon in Cancer brings positive energy and vibrations. It helps in developing, reflecting, and understanding yourself. If you want to make full use of this strong energy, it can be more beneficial taking Numerology into consideration.

Astrology and Numerology are deeply related to each other. It helps in letting you go deep in the well of wisdom and mystery. This helps in knowing and understanding yourself and your shortcomings so as to be able to develop yourself.

Understanding and working with Numerology and Astrology side by side, helps in realizing the valuable rituals and customs, rituals and customs which are very essential and help us in bettering ourselves.

In order to know the essentials, it is advised to follow certain rituals that depend on various life paths. Every individual belongs to a certain Life Path which has its own Life Path Number. They are as follows –

Life Path Number 1:

People with Life Path Number as 1 are known to be leaders by birth. They are determined and can achieve anything they put their mind to.

They will never hide from obstacles and will always face them bravely so nothing and no one can stop them or hold them back from reaching their goals.

Life Path Number 2:

The Life Path Number 2 defines that a person with such a number is bound to pay close attention to their relationships.

If they encounter problems in any kind of relationship, they will be the ones to stand down and approach to make compensation or even reconcile.

Life Path Number 3:

People under number 3 of Life Path Number are known to be entertaining and creative. This is so because they possess a personality that is full of life and uniqueness.

They appreciate expressions and gestures that are genuine. They find activities that focus on creativity to be rejuvenating and recreational

Life Path Number 4:

People born under the number 4 of Life Path Number are very strong-willed and perseverant. They take responsibility for any work they do without hesitation.

They motivate themselves and possess great grit and determination, thus no matter what they will never leave their work halfway and will always complete it.

Life Path Number 5:

People belonging to Life Path Number 5 are very curious all the time. They are very interested in everything that is going around them, not only around their surroundings but in the world as a whole.

Since they indulge themselves in reading and knowing things deeply they understand and choose to know about things on a spiritual level. They have their own thought processes and hold their own idea of freedom.

Life Path Number 6:

People under Life Path Number 6 are known to be very devoted. They are devoted to the things they do, to their near and dear ones, and also to their community.

Out of the devotion they possess, they help people around them and nurture them. They like to take care of the people around them so much that they may even forget to consider their own needs.

Life Path Number 7:

People with the number 7 as their Life Path Number are known to be intellectual and philosophical. They want to know everything at an intellectual level and desire an in-depth understanding of all the mysteries the life holds.

They wish to know the truth in any situation and will make sure to align themselves with practices that are metaphysical in nature for e.g. tarot and astrology.

Life Path Number 8:

People belonging to the Life Path Number 8 are known to have a charming aura. They possess other valuable qualities like confidence, will to be successful, and perseverance.

They are aware of all the ways in order to be successful financially and also about material wealth. Though they might have times when they might be wavered but with this New Moon, through strong intentions, it can be changed.

Life Path Number 9:

People with the number 9 as their Life Path Number are very wise, giving, generous and compassionate. They love to know more about the world and expand their understanding of it.

Not just the world, they are also keen on understanding about the people existing within it and work on broadening their horizons,