Fashion tips for an Aquarius born!

Fashion tips for an Aquarius born!

Belonging to the first month of the year, Aquarians are the leaders or beginners of something great. They are born from January 20 to February 19. They are known to be independent and strong.  Fashion according to them is vital and required to create their own identity. Cloths let them have a greater impact on people and they use Fashion as a tool to attack.


About the Aquarius

Aquarians are born to be independent. They are ambitious and futuristic in their plans. They believe in themselves and think they can bring a drastic change in the world. They do not follow rules and regulations instead make their own rules of living. They live by what they want and what they want to do. No one can have a judgmental say on the way they run things.


Aquarians are very open-minded and accepting until no one messes with their ego. They are people who are ready to help people and bring social changes. They are downright honest and faithful. Being very practical in life, they are often called emotionless. They do not hold grudges but make sure that the person is no longer there in their lives. They are very determined and strong-willed about reaching their goals. They make their own path towards success and will not listen to anyone.


Aquarians’ fashion sense!

They are born leaders. They make many fashion styles trendsetters. They are the first to experiment with new styles, wear new accessories and flaunt them around to gather attention. Their assumption is the more the people talk the more they inspire.  They evolve in their fashion clothing. They do not stick to one style for a really long time. Being born under the influence of Uranus, they love shades of blue, turquoise and violet.  They mostly prefer light shades of colors and loose-fitting.


They are the spring bringers which makes naturally attracted to bright colors when they have to make bold statements. Red is the answer for going rogue. They think this color is their way of being rebellious. There is no Aquarian who does not have a set of a red dress, red shirt, pants or red shoes.  They are quick to blend in and change their style in a snap. They can be an elite mistress to the roadside beggars with just their clothing. It all falls on their mood and the occasion.


They are stubborn when it comes to their decisions. It is not a surprise if an Aquarian goes with torn jeans and a bright tee for a wedding. But whatever the case is, Aquarians rock in whatever they wear.  They prefer comfort over luxury. They are not a big fan of leather or fur but they wouldn’t mind footwear of those. They are known for mix-matching their costumes. They love to experiment with their own styles and try to make an impact on people.


Fashion according to Aquarians!

Aquarian’s wardrobe is very interesting. They make everyone curious about what they are going to wear next. They mix to match their pants, tees, shirts, and etc. they love animal prints but they don’t constrain themselves to the original prints. They wear different colors of the prints. They are born fashion consultants. 


They prefer comfort over everything. They love to wear different clothes that are loose but stylish, soft but chic and trendy but free.  They are born beautiful which makes them easy to carry any dress they wear. Their attitude and the way they carry themselves give the dress beautifully.


Do Aquarians love accessories?

Aquarians do not love accessories but wear them to assist them in their clothing style. They prefer simple accessories. They love simple chains and chokers which have meaningful dollars or hangings. They like to wear accessories that have a meaning or a reason. They believe in holistic accessories as well.


Being a strong believer in God, they tend to wear whatever it is that has God’s name. In the case of gifting Aquarian jewelry, it is better to go for diamonds, pearls, and platinum instead of gold. The design must be very simple and have delicate features. The jewelry gift should not give them the wrong idea or pressure them to any commitments. They will run away if there is a slight hint of pressure in the gifts. It's better to go for delicate and simple jewelry.


Being an Aquarian, he or she has a great eye for fashion. He chooses styles that have not experimented yet and can take in criticism over his choices. But if anyone dares to criticize his sense of fashion, it’s time for them to kiss goodbye to the Aquarian because he won’t hesitate to cut off ties with anyone who doesn’t respect his way of living.