Dussehra is just around the corner. And the nation seems excited for this festival as it celebrates the good against the evil. Dussehra seems to be a close-knit victory. Little did we know that it is a minuscules area of mythology imbibed in the Hindu religion. Ramayan remains one of the most inspirational anecdotes ever. And it seems that Ravana became the most influential character portrayals of all time. He is more than just a villain, there is no doubt about that. There are several facts about Ravana that remain unknown to people. 





Known as the demon of kings, it is said that Ravana shared a very close relationship with Brahma's great-grandson. As it goes that he was known as the only great-grandson he ever had. Ravana's father was known as one of the most popular rishis. It is a known fact that Ravana once performed a Yagya for Ram. In one of the episodes of Ramayana, Ram's army was so large in number that they had the power to even create a bridge to Lanka. To venture out a Yagya, they all collectively desired for Shiva's pure blessings.  Little did he know that the most vulnerable worshipper of Shiva was only Ravana. He was half-brahman so he was the only best one to perfume the rituals of Yagya.  Out of utmost respect, Ravana performed the Yagya and provided Ram with the highest blessing possible. As he was on his deathbed, Ravana procured Lakshman with intense knowledge that could help him further. Ravana is known to be the most top scholar during those times who had an immense influence. Ravana provided the natives with knowledge of diplomacy.





Ravana was known to be a great Veena player. In so many versions of Ramayana that have come and gone, many times, Ravana has been noticed carrying a Veena player. He had an intense passion for music and became a pro at playing Veena. His powers called him to play with planetary alignments too.  He had the power to imprison anyone who went against his morals and principles. Ravana was sound aware of his dooms. He was the only demon king with 10 heads. To debunk this fact, it is a known fact Ravana did not have ten heads, his mouth handed over to him a necklace of 9 pearls. It became the reason behind a rare optical illusion for all the people who observed him.  In one another epic episode, many believe that Ravana cut his own head into several pieces. He was bestowed by Shiva with the name of Ravan. He even tried to leave the mountains from his own bare hands. Ravana plummeted nerves out from his own bare hands to procure music. Shiva was so impressed by this fact that he named him Ravana. The meaning of this name is that someone who roars louder. Not many are aware that Ravana's own wife shamed him. This was the major reason behind his downfall. Ravana did a lot of uncanny acts to get his wife back but eventually failed to do so.  This irked a different feeling into Ravana which made him leave yagya forever. He failed to save his wife. As he couldn't move at all. Ravana was swelled with challenges and still, he remains to be the hero of every character's life. He lost against the world when he lost against his wife. Nobody could ever imagine the loss he faced when he finally lost his wife. He became super weak. And all his powers went to the baggage of waste. These mere facts will shock you and put things into new perceptions for you and Ravana fans. this mythical character is ready to swell your heart into pieces. His bravery still lives forever and until eternity. The way he handled all the incidents with calmness and vigor makes him the face of a real hero. He meanders through challenges like a tea in a tiny cup. Well, this bravery won him a lot of accomplishments.