Facts About Love Card and Hierophant Card

Facts About Love Card and Hierophant Card

The Upright Aspect of The Love Card

Love and relationship advice can be known by The Love Card. It has many different meanings as well. There are two aspects of a tarot card. One is an upright aspect and another one is the reversed aspect. Both have different meanings.

Now if you are getting an upright love card then it means that there is love coming in your life. If you are single it means that there might be someone coming in your life who can become your soul mate. And you will go to have a very romantic and happy relationship with them.

In case you are in a relationship then it means that lots of romance and love will be coming in both of your life. Your relationship will be blessed with lots of love, stability, and romance.

Tarot card can also, be used to determine if the person you’re in the relationship is your actual soul mate or not and also how and where you’ll be able to find your soul mate in case you are single. It can tell you whether the person is ready to make a commitment or not.

The Reversed Aspect of The Love Card

The reversed love card can be indication of issues in a relationship. Though sometimes, you don’t realize issues in a relationship it might happen that the relationship is going through problems. In case you are single then the reversed card signifies that you will not be finding love early. It might take a bit more time for you to find a lover. It can also mean that you’ll be able to find a lover but that person might not be the correct person for you or the relationship might not work.

These predictions don’t mean that you can’t change the possibilities. You should work on your relationship, give more time to each other. Try to work on your connection.

For singles, you should not be desperately wanting to be in a relationship. Work on yourself, don’t come in a relationship just for the sake of it. These can become one of the causes of a bad relationship. The correct one will come to your life when it is meant to be. Until then, enjoy your singlehood to the fullest.

The Marriage or the Hierophant Card

This card is used to determine about marriages. Though the main purpose of the hierophant or even the love card is to determine about marriages or love and relationship respectively it has other meanings as well. It can also give advice on career, health, etc.

The Upright aspect of the Hierophant Card

The upright hierophant card tells you that you will go to have a very good and happy married life. Both of the people in the relationship have a strong connection with each other. The marriage will also be accepted by the family.

Reversed the Version of Hierophant Card

The reversed hierophant card means that there is a possibility of you being forced to be in a marriage you don’t want to be in due to family or societal pressures or some other reasons. It can also mean that you are not happy in the marriage and the marriage is going through lots of ups and downs.

Always keep in mind that tarot cards give you the possibilities of the future based on your present. So, don’t feel that you can’t change or improve the future. Don’t end your relationship if the tarot card is saying that the person you are with is not your soul mate. It is telling this based on the things happening in your present. So, work on the relationship to be the soul mate of each other.