Facing Ketu Mahadasha? Find Out Which Is The Best Gemstone For Ketu Mahadasha



Ketu, the Moon's South Node means a "sign" in Sanskrit or a "banner." While Rahu is the planet of earthly love, the planet of otherworldly desire, or spirituality, is Ketu. Ketu reflects the evolutionary philosophical process or the reduction to the essence of materialization. Ketu is believed to be a worldly malevolent and divine gain because it induces suffering and destruction that eventually turns the person to god. Karakas or Ketu indicators are centered intellect, an indicator of salvation, an indicator of knowledge, non-attachment, otherworldly desires, imagination, profound vision, derangement, protector of arms and weapons, invisibility and physical abilities.


Ketu is the rest of Rahu's body, bestowing mystical values, asceticism, and non-attachment everyday impulses and aspirations. Ketu is also a half-planet that bestows knowledge of the self, intelligence, powers of oppression, and gyana-spiritual awareness. This offers the native peoples psychic abilities and makes them practitioners of the healing arts, herbal medicine, healing plants, medicines, milk, tantric curing, healing people affected by evil spirits and ghosts. The symbol of Ketu is Pisces-as the sign of Rahu is Virgo. There may be an attraction in sinful acts arising from disputes, loss of prudence and emotional restlessness. There may be difficulties created by those in positions of authority, and fear of robbery, poison, water, burning, weapons, and mates. Life is difficult and miserable, and there may be lacuna.


In Ketu's Maha Dasha, joy may prevail and much prosperity will be achieved. During Ketu's Maha Dasha, there may be a disappointment, loss of wealth, children and family, damage and difficulty created by the state. There may be loss of pleasure, fear of cars, fire and public criticism.


Cat’s eye is said to be the best gemstone for treating Ketu Mahadasa. You should wear a cat's eye stone to maximize the advantages of the planet Ketu in your life; Not only does cat-eye or lehsuniya stone help a person achieve immediate success and riches in his / her life. It also helps him/her to resolve the terrible effects that a viciously put Ketu produces. Many people question whether or not a cat's eye stone is the best remedy for tragic Ketu Mahadasa. So, the answer is yes, one should wear Cat's Eye Stone to remove or control the ill-effects produced by the ruling planet Ketu under the Mahadasa. Cat-eye is a wonderful stone that retains the planet Ketu's divine powers within it. And when a person who is suffering from intense Ketu Mahadasa wears it; their attempts to overwhelm the planet Ketu's negative energies with their favorable strength. And let the sufferer live a contented so happy life. This isn't as simple as it was written above though. To mean precisely this saying in your life, you will honestly follow any rules or protocols. Second, if you're under the vulnerable Ketu Mahadasa; you shouldn't decide to wear the oppressive stone on your own. Instead you should request a famous astrologer's permission before determining whether this stone favors you or not. An astrologer will determine your birth chart or horoscope implicitly and will find out about the Ketu placements in your birth chart. And he/she will inform you on the basis of the outcome whether wearing lehsuniya stone will prove beneficial to you or not. Wearing only licensed and natural cat's eye stones would successfully serve the purpose. Therefore, when buying cat eye stone, consistency is favored over price. Since wearing a phony cat eye will further evoke degrading outcomes rather than having any positive consequences. So be alert when you buy this block.


Following are the best gemstones for the different Ketu Ascendants:


Yellow Sapphire, Ruby


Emerald, Blue Sapphire


Emerald, Diamond


Pearl, Red Coral


Ruby, Red Coral


Emerald, Diamond


Diamond, Blue Sapphire


Yellow Sapphire, Pearl


Yellow Sapphire, Ruby


Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Diamond


Diamond, Blue Sapphire


Yellow Sapphire, Red Coral




The enigmatic world Ketu presents diverse experiences in life that often cause suffering, sorrow and tension. Wearing a cat's eye gemstone can help cope with such "experience more often than not," bringing in peace and harmony. It lets a person detach themselves from materialistic attachments, and achieve spiritual enlightenment. Ketu's energies will help in spiritual development, especially if you're an evangelist or a religious seeker. Chrysoberyl, or cat's eye stone, is believed to bring wealth, particularly to individuals involved in betting, gambling, share trading, and so on. It is a popular gemstone for explorers and hazard-takers. The cat's eye emerald will help improve physical health and restore the well-being lost from sickness, poor lifestyle, violence, depression, etc. It is also known to have anti-cancer healing powers. The gemstone can also treat anorexia or appetite deficit problems. Wearing the gemstone as a lucky charm will help protect your life from the effects of the dark. It's known to provide the user with improved vision, improving brain capacity and consciousness. The Ketu Dasha is, according to astrology, one of the longest-remaining and worst-ill consequences of anything that can last 18 years. Wearing this stone will help this world nullify its negative effects.

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