Express your Personality Traits Through the Charms of your Expression Number

Expression number or destiny number, say it whatever want it to be, but this number is quite crucial to be determined as this blurts out the areas of strengths, pros, and cons of your character and your personality. One can calculate their expression number by adding up all the numbers assigned to the letters in your entire name. Add those digits until you get a single-digit number, but make sure to not further add up master numbers and leave them as it is. So, let us find out what each expression number says about your personality. 

Expression number 1

Youre the kind of person who wishes to reach the finish line before anyone else can. And trust me you have the capability to do so because youre self-sufficient. Even the most strenuous paths seem to be easier when you walk on those. You probably do not have the habit of listening to what the opposite party might have to say, and this makes it difficult for people to coordinate with you at times and this makes you a tad bit self-centered. 

Expression number 2

People with 2 as their expression number are quite the opposite of the above. Well, you are the kind of person who wishes to work with and people and not alone. Your cooperative, supportive and balanced approach makes you the relationship master. Your patient and understanding approach is what makes you the peoples favorite’ 

Expression number 3 

Youre the man/woman of your words! Your smooth communication drives people crazy because you have your way of expressing and interacting with people socially. You are a social butterfly and your magnetic charm is what catches peoples eyes. Due to this charm of yours, you tend to get bored and easily so it is hard to spot you on one hobby or one person for long. 

Expression number 4

You are a total package deal of honesty and loyalty. The number 4 is the one associated with complete balance and structure in terms of managing projects. Their ethics and principles are so deeply rooted that they are probably incapable of grasping new concepts and opinions. 

Expression number 5 

You want to go everywhere and experience everything! People with Number 5 as their expression number are quite finicky and they love to hop from one passion to another and explore every bit of the detail of this world. But, just be careful as this kind of inconsistency might cause certain unrest in your emotional relationships. 

Expression number 6 

The people belonging to this number are the ones with a heart of gold, you can call them out if you need some kind of help because they live for such courteous gestures and generosity. Nurturing their dear ones is probably their only hobby, but then a self-less attitude comes with its own set of cons. You can unintentionally neglect your emotions and that might be an issue that needs to be addressed. 

Expression number 7 

You are nothing but logic-ridden because all you wish for is to find out the logic and deep-rooted meanings of almost all the situations. And this search for the truth and deep notions tends to make you a little extra suspicious of even your dear ones. 

Expression number 8 

There is a fine line between being a perfect ambitious star and being an impatient taskmaster, and you are literally standing on that line. This is because expression number 8 indicates high-quality judgment levels and a skilled persona. You will achieve mostly all your desired goals, but just make sure to maintain a balance and follow patience. 

Expression number 9 

From being friendly to affectionate youve got it all. Your creative side encourages you to look for optimism in almost every situation and every person. Your magnanimous behavior attracts people towards you, but you need to make sure to maintain this attitude of yours, or else you might come out as self-centered and insensitive. 

Expression number 11

People with master number 11 as their expression number are highly intuitive and they are blessed with supreme instincts and an idealistic vision. They usually go after their guts and their instincts in making certain decisions, so this might cause a certain lack of practicality in their life. 

Expression number 22

Strength and power are what drives them, their approach towards dealing with things is like that of a true leader. This headstrong and dominating side of yours sure does make you a great leader, but you can also be mistaken as a domineering force and you might not get the support you need. So, make sure to not go overboard with your dominance.

Expression number 33

The epitome of enlightenment and inspiration is the master number 33. You are likely to be the great master of all the teachings and inspiring thoughts because of your creative communicating skills.