Numerology believes that every number has an important role to play in every individual’s lives, and numbers form the basic unit of the universe. The study of these numbers and how they play a role in the individual’s life coupled with the fact that they also influence the life of an individual is called numerology. It is believed that the whole universe is a system which is made up of basic units called numbers.

By breaking down the whole process and understanding what exactly does the world run on, and then equating the whole concept with numbers can also tell us how the person is, how the individual will react in a given situation and this can be done through various methods. Numerology helps us understand ourselves and gain perspective of our actions and behaviour, something that we would have not been able to do without the help of numerology.  

How numerology helps you understand other people and yourself better 

Since numerology involves a lot of numbers, without doubt, a numerology reading will also involve intensive calculations. These calculations are extremely comprehensive and there are a number of combinations and permutations of numbers that denote various number of meaning. A numerologist will do a basic reading that just uses your core numbers, but even a basic numerology reading with the help of your core numbers only reveal a lot about you.

But, like I said before, various combinations of numbers denote and mean a lot of meanings and it can also be perceived differently. This is why various combinations of numbers could be a different number of meanings.  

How does a numerology reading function? 

Since numerology employs a number of comprehensive calculations which are quite difficult to understand, the numerologist will be able to tell and explain to you your accurate readings. Since it requires comprehensive calculations, this is actually a scientific method and offers accurate and spot on readings.

The whole concept behind numerology is that the universe and an individual’s life is influenced by the date of birth of the individual, the name of the individual and many other parameters. So, a numerology reading can help you know things and information not only about yourself but of others as well provided you have their date of birth and various other factors that are needed in a numerology reading.

Numerology believes that there is no such thing as a coincidence in the life of the individual, starting from the name of the individual to the date of birth of the individual, and how the name of the individual and the date of birth of the individual not only affects the temperament of the individual but also the dominant personality traits of the individual.

Everything happens for a reason and every number 

Like everything in the universe, even numbers have two sides- the positive side and the negative side of it. While the balance of both, these positive and negative sides make the number what it is and the meaning behind them, but all in all, numbers are also influenced by various factors being the position of the planets, the stars and the date of birth of the individuals as well as the name of the individual. 

Numerology is able to tell you the extent of your inner potential and helps you discover the potential in you. Numerology helps in helping you understand what your purpose and goals in life is and achieve them all. It tells you what is stopping you from being the best version of yourself you can be and also the fact that what is also preventing you for achieving your goals. Numerology may sound easy because it is portrayed to you in a way so that it can be easily understood but that does not mean that it is actually easy. Numerology is full of calculations which are extensive and can be only done by a numerologist.

It would be wise not to do the calculations on your own or to try your own form of numerology. There is a reason on why numerologists spend years in what they are doing and perfecting their skills.