Evil Eye

Astrology has always come off to detach deplorable things such as the Evil eye (Nazar Lagna) from surroundings. Evil eyes, black eyes are the methods and words used to make some people ailing and enervated. In this crowded world, we cannot commune who contemplate good for us and who is carrying a fake smile with a lot of hatred in their heart. All these things are used to put someone down and make their powerless to fulfill their desire of jealousy.  Astrology has defined various different methods to identify an Evil eye around you.


The evil eye can make someone so indisposed and that person will not be in the same position, the thinking and controlling power is snatched from you and your good abilities are transferred to the person who wishes to make you peeky. Someone can easily fall in evil eyes and to take off this is a difficult process. But, don’t worry Astrology has every solution. The curse can be eradicated by performing various redress suggested by astrology.

History of Evil eye

Evil eye dates from the time of Greek Classical antiquity, various intelligence authors try to explain the Expression of Evil eye by their books. Evil eyes are practiced in different forms according to their culture.  Back from Greece and Rome, an evil eye is performed and the reason behind practicing this atrocious expression is to make someone feel pain and agony. Some people are over blessed and deserve a lot of fruitful things, and people living in their surroundings are not able to accept that. In some languages and beliefs, it is believed that the people who are overconfident about their things are meant to be punished by God.


Different cultures like Islam, Middle East Asia, Greece, and Rome have already spoken and written about the evils eye and why this is coming to a person. Some define that if you’re praised excessively you’ll be noticed in the evil eye and which will put your moral down.


Types of the evil eye

1. Drishti Badha:-

The evil eye by look can make a person liverish and health issues may start. If someone stares at you with full anger and jealousy and wants to give you some unpropitious curse, they just stare at you and spell the things in themselves which can be a part of Evil Eye. 


2. Vaak Badha:-  

This is another type of evil performed or practiced, it is believed that when someone is going for a special engender, he/she shouldn’t sneeze and shouldn’t be asked where are you going. All these questions make things untoward and lead to some mishappenings. Through speech this evil takes place and can destroy everything, the person with a ghastly tongue also called Kali Zuban is responsible for the things which can become worse.


3. Marriage Things:-

Various customs and rituals have been considered to weaken the repercussions of Evil eye, this can be explained by an example of a newly-married girl for first she steps in her husband’s house, only the right foot is used to enter the house as this removes the damage. The list of these types of things is very long and cannot be counted only if we’ve known the restorative to make this culmination low.



● Nazar Raksha Kawaj also called evil eye pendant is one the most effective methods to aftermath 1 the aftermath of evil eye or a black eye. Nazar Raksha Kawaj can be in the form of a Black bracelet or pendant and will keep you away from all types of unenthusiastic energy that are coming in the form of Evil’s eye.

● Another most popular and contrive method used to neutralize this dismissive energy is by burning Red chilies, some salt, and 4-5 sesame seeds can help you to get rid of them. Put all these ingredients in your palm and close your palm, after that the person who is affected by the evil eye should get seated in front of you. After that spin, your palm which is carrying all these ingredients over the person’s head, then burns all this stuff to nullify the curse.


● If your places like, your house, workplace or anything related to you including your vehicles are doomed and under the evil eye, then the most used remedy which has been practiced for a long time is lemon. Astrology suggests you to perform this remedy omg Saturday, grace a lemon on the surface of your wall which you presume is anathematized and then divide lemon into four parts. Through each part in the different directions of your place. Astrology says that lemon has the power to absorb all the negative vibes which are surrounding you.

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