Everything You Should Know About Kundali Matching

Everything You Should Know About Kundali Matching

Vedic astrology has been a search box proposing several answers that mold many life decisions of an individual. Progressing through every aspect with an assurance of positivity is always prioritize by every individual. Kundali matching is one such concept which has assessed people into the possibility of a happy healthy marriage. The position of moon in the kundali or birth chart related to the bride and the groom is the most important aspect of Kundali matching. There are 36 gunas which in simple language could be translated as compatibility items. The formula states the number of gunas gunas the more compatible the couple is.

There are several aspects that have to be kept in mind while marrying into a happily ever after. What is the temperament level of both partners? Whether their intimate life can allow a kid to be conceived and what is the monetary issues look like for both the partners and how they choose to handle it. Kundali matching has some calculations through which these factors can be clarified. There are different levels of Kundali matching which determines the different levels of congeniality. Marriage is still considered one of the most important decisions and the art of Kundali matching assures its perfection.


Kundali is not a mystical object rather a calculative ideology that has perfect logical explanation according to a scientific definition. Kundali is the projection of the time period and the place the person is born. The Kundali is formed after a through the reading of the planetary influence during the time of birth. The behavior and properties of an individual have enlisted accordingly. Kundali matching is the science of studying these behaviors and traits of each partner and evaluating how complimentary they are to each other. The element one belongs to is also viewed in the kundali too which is counted as a crucial part in the Kundali matching as it confirms characteristics traits.

What occupation best suited for the individual and what spice up their interest meter can also be confirmed in the Kundali. Kundali matching determines the compatibility in this list whether they will interest in the same activities which can provide excitement in the relationship or whether they are completely polar opposites though sometimes polar opposite partners are the most compatible. The pros and cons of a person’s personality can also be objectified in the birth chart which in return can ensure the personalities the partners will possess after the marriage in the kundali matching.


There are 36 gunas for a marriage compatibility in Kundali matching and there is a list that pertains the highest compatibility between two partners. For example, if there are less than 18 Gunas matching the compatibility is not strong and according to astrological belief, the marriage won’t succeed. Similarly, if there are 18 to 24 guna matching the marriage compatibility is acceptable. 25 to 32 matches imply a very good match and predict the marriage to be a success. Fortunately, a match of 33 to 36 gunas is considered to be a perfect match with excellent success in the marriage. In Vedic language, the procedure or kunadli matching is called Guna Milan.

The Kundali matching carried on to be very auspicious for the Hindu marriage. If the marriage is considered successful by the matching. The matching can be conducted by the following tests.


Test number 1 in Kundali matching is varna which has a mention of the basic skill and ability of both the individual and how it can complement each other in the long run. This is the basic compatibility test among partners

Test number 2 in the kundali matching is vaisya which determines the dedication of both partners towards each other and how they will able to cooperate with each other in the long run.

Test number 3 is tara that highlights the maximum possibility, it describes the health of the bride and groom after the marriage. The health chart of the of the groom and bride in their kundalis also allows a good compatibility

Test number 4 in Kundali matching  is yoni that determines the physical and sexual compatibility between two partners.

Test number 5 is the graha maitri which illuminates the strength of love between the two partners  and how much adversity they can face and yet stay beside each other.

Test number 6 is guna depicts each other’s temperaments and how they can affect the relationship and its compatibility. This category in the kundali matching is considered the one that will determine the fights.

Test number 7 is called bhakoot which determines the overall health, welfare, prosperity after marriage and also in individual partners

Test number 8 in Kundali matching is denoted as nadi which compliments the genetic compatibility between the two partners and it determines their compatibility to produce heathy children.

In Hindu culture, it is believed that if the similarity between all 8 tests match in two peoples kundali then, it is a perfect engagement between partners with the highest compatibility in kundali matching.