Everything You Need To know About The Moon In Leo

Moon brings a lot of fun and adventure in the life of Leo. Moon describes the version of the personality you already are. It will tell what kind of person you are, your instincts. The basic difference between the presence of the Sun and the Moon is that the Sun will tell what kind of person you will become while the Moon will tell the kind of person you already are. Moon describes the emotional personality of any sign. Moods and emotions are governed by the movement of the moon.


The Moon in Leo – Personality traits

  • Leo is a very adventurous person. They love to live their life to the fullest. They will explore new places and will try new things.
  • They are very empathetic person. They will help and understand the problems of others. They are always available for their friends and loved ones.
  • They are happy and positive people. Every time they will have a smile in their face. They are very optimistic and hopeful about their life.
  • They are great advice givers as well. They are mature and very intellectual and thus they understand things deeply and can give great advice.
  • They have a very charming personality. They will always influence people in a positive way around them. People love to spend time with Leos. They are very funny, kind and you can have a great conversation with them.
  • They are very social and loves to meet people. They will not feel shy or scared to talk to strangers. They will always start the conversation. They will make you feel comfortable.
  • They have a tendency to always be superior from others. They always want to be the best. They will do everything to be the center of attraction. They are not doing it to please others but for their own happiness. They want to be the most popular person in a room.
  • They may sometimes show off a bit. This may make them a bit irritating. They will always be telling about their wins and achievements.
  • They are someone who can hold grudges. They get offended very easily and can get hurt. They are someone who will not forgive so easily.
  • They have a great creative side as well. They have great taste in music, books, arts etc. They will love to show their emotions through their arts. They can become great artists like singers, dancers, painters, writers, etc.
  • They are self – obsessed people. They love themselves more than anyone. They are very proud of themselves and are not someone who will feel sorry or merciful for themselves ever. They are very strong emotionally as well.
  • They are very honest. They will speak their mind no matter what. In a relationship as well they will be honest and loyal. They are considered to be great lovers. They are passionate and very caring.

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