Everything you need to know about the Hanged Man card

Everything you need to know about the Hanged Man card

The hanged man is a Major Arcana Tarot card. It depicts a man that is being hanged upside down by one ankle. He might be getting punished for his work. The card usually depicts sacrifices, letting go, etc. It can also signify total surrender in front of people.

There are always two different meanings of a tarot card, one is the upright and the other reverse. Both these cards can signify two different meanings when read.

Upright Hanged Man

The upside-down hanging of a man can signify a change in your perspectives. The man is hanging upside down because of which he sees things from a different angle. Hence, the upright hanged man can be an important sign of changing your perspective. You might get aware of things in your life because of which your perspective is getting changed.

The hanged man can also be an indication of loss of control, or surrender. There might be consequences in your life because of which you might lose hope from everything and you might have surrendered. You might sacrifice everything in your life. It might be an indication of loss of hope and control from things around us. You might yourself are letting go of things present in your life.

Reverse Hanged Man

The reverse hanged man will go to have an opposite meaning from the upright version. A reverse hanged man might try to signify resistance. There are things in front of you that might be showing you the real picture of everything. But you might be ignoring everything and resisting the change that is necessary for your life.

The reverse hanged man can also signify being blocked or restricted. Tied legs can be a sign of being blocked or stuck by someone or something in your life. You need to let go of things and people stopping you from doing what is best for you. Hence, avoid ignorance from your life. The universe is sending lots of messages. It is time to pay attention to every detail and improve your life.

Hanged Man meaning in love

The hanged man's meaning in love signifies being rushed in your relationships. It will ask you to be slow and give your love relationships some time. There might be a feeling of being stuck in a relationship as well. If you are unhappy in a relationship then try to get rid of it. Don’t ignore the problems and try to solve it.

As one of the most important meanings of the hanged man is sacrifice. Then there might be a strong indication of sacrifices in the relationships. Your love life might be making you do lots of sacrifices. If it's for good then there is no problem. But if the sacrifices are not for good, then stop doing it.

Your relationships might be changing your perspective or it might also signify that your point of view about your relationship is getting changed.

Hanged man meaning in career

The hanged man meaning in career represents a change in perspective of the way you see your career. There might be some drastic changes in your life. You might be forced to sacrifice some important things in your life.

The hanged man can also be a representation of letting go of certain things and people. There might be uncertainty and confusion in your thought process. It is better to give yourself time, instead of rushing things up. There will be lots of debates and voices inside your head, thus do not take any big decisions with respect to career. Give yourself time and think it through properly.

Hanged man meaning in finances

In finances as well the hanged man can signify a change in perspective. You might be seeing your finances from a different position and might also mean that your perspective is correct. But the probability can also be of being incorrect as well.

Do not make big decisions about your finances without thinking about it properly. Pause is needed in your life so that you start thinking and understanding things better. The hanged man also signifies that there are lots of stress within you with respect to your money matters. Hence, have patience and give yourself time and make decisions after some time.