Everything You Need to Know About Taurus Ascendant Individuals

Everything You Need to Know About Taurus Ascendant Individuals

The rising astrological sign of a person is commonly termed as the Ascendant sign of the individual. The rising sign of the individual determines your personality and characteristics traits that the outside world sees. If your rising sign is Taurus this indicates that you have a very systematic and slow approach towards life. These individuals can sometimes be very stubborn.  

However, they approach every problem and aspect of life systematically and steadily. You love gaining new experiences and give great emphasis on the finer details in life. Your strong sense of dedication and work ethics are an inspiration to others.  

Personality Traits of Taurus Ascendant  

The astrological sign of Taurus is dominated by the planet Venus. It is represented by the symbol of a bull which is a very dedicated and hard-working animal. Natives of the Taurus rising sign are also well known for their practical and sincere approach in life. They are binders of laws and regulations. Following a strict regime, they follow certain basic principles in life. This to a certain extent also makes them stubborn and rigid. Therefore, they might encounter some problems while working in a group. However, their firm determination makes them highly reliable. They are committed lovers in a relationship and will go to any extent to prove their loyalty. Sometimes they are too possessive about their partners.  

One of the best characteristic personality traits about a Taurus ascendant is that when they are in their positive mindset, they are extremely reliable. They exhibit a glow from the outside that makes them highly attractive. They know their path to success and nothing can stop them from achieving it. Taurus ascendants are also well known for their desire to choose comfort over risk as they seek the pleasures that life has to offer.  

Physical & Mental Traits of Taurus Ascendant  

These individuals have a very sturdy structure which is commonly associated with well-developed facial and body features. Their square-shaped facial structure with average body height and distinctively good skin make them charming and highly attractive. They generally possess unique facial features associated with their charismatic personality and a strong neck is a major pull factor for the opposite gender.  

These individuals are strongly inclined towards culture. They love art, music, stunning interior decor, fashion, etc. They are nature lovers and possess the unique ability to envision nature through the eyes of the finest details. They love capturing the smallest matters which bring life to a particular thing. Their aestheticism is difficult to match.  

Taurus Ascendant in Love & Relationships 

When it comes to love matters, the natives of Taurus rising are very loyal and dedicated towards their partner. Although their possessiveness can be a little overwhelming and intimidating, however, they mean no harm. Whatever they do for their partner is out of the pure gesture of love and respect for them. This earth sign is generally very comfortable with other Earth signs or water signs. They are very comfortable with natives having the sun or rising signs of Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, and Pisces.  

The health of Taurus Ascendant Individuals 

The natives of Taurus ascendant generally suffer from throat problems. They are very easily prone to cold and cough owing to their weak immune system. This often leads them to have throat infections. There might be some other problems related to the kidney and liver the ascendants of Taurus might have to face.  

Planets Auspicious for Taurus Ascendants  

Saturn is often considered the most auspicious planet for the ascendants of Taurus. Their presence on the 9th and the 10th house of the astrological chart one being the Kendra while the other forming the ‘Trikona’ brings in luck and fortune for these natives. Other than Saturn, Mercury and Venus are most other auspicious planets for Taurus ascendants. 

Planets Malefic for Taurus Ascendants  

When it comes to the most malefic planet, the planet of Jupiter is considered to be the one. It owns the 8th house on the astrological chart.  

Lucky Color & Lucky Gem for Taurus Ascendants  

The natural and soft tones are considered to be the luckiest for these individuals. The colors such as white, or light cream color are very auspicious for them. Diamond, as well as opals, are lucky gemstones for these individuals. They radiate positive energy on the Taurus ascendants.  


The firm and determined Taurus ascendants can be a little stubborn when it comes to handling matters of serious concern. However, they care deeply about the people who matter to them.