Everything You Need to Know About Chandan Oil

Everything You Need to Know About Chandan Oil

Chandan or Sandalwood Oil is a type of essential oil that is obtained from the billets and chip cuts of the heartwood of several species of the Sandalwood (Chandan) trees like Santalum Album, Santalum Spicatum through the process of steam distillation. Chandan Oil has a soft, woody and warm feel to it. It is often used as a fragrance enhancer.


The wood is rare and expensive, it can also retain its fragrance for years decades even if stored correctly unlike other woods. Sandalwood is not only famous and explicitly used in the Hindu religion but it is popular among the Buddhists as well. According to the Buddhists, using sandalwood as incense or essential oil will help in mindfulness and convert desires into reality.


 Uses of Chandan Oil


Chandan oil is not just used for its aromatic, earthy and soothing scent but it can also be used to cure diseases, ailments, and other medicinal purposes.


●      It may help relieve you of stress and anxiety. And create a sense of mindfulness.

●      Its scent can help in maintaining focus and alertness in a person if used appropriately.

●      Because of its desirable fragrance, the sandalwood oil is often used in perfumes, cosmetics and sometimes even as a mild food flavoring agent.

●      Before exercising or yoga, inhalation of Chandan oil helps in relaxing and calming the body as well as the mind.

●      Using Chandan Oil with a base oil like rose or vanilla will help in smoothening the untreated dry skin or mixing the oil combined with an unscented body lotion.

●      Adding Chandan Oil to a foot bath will help in muscle relaxation.

●      As it has antiseptic and antibacterial properties the Oil can be used as a cleaning agent for the body as well as for cleansing the home.


The above-mentioned uses of the Chandan Oil may vary in results as each individual has its own working body and skin type. So it is recommended that use Chandan Oil under guidance or only after consulting with an expert to avoid any kinds of side effects or bad allergic reactions.


Beneficial Properties of Chandan Oil


Every essential oil has its own distinctive and special properties. Just like that Chandan Oil has its own beneficial qualities. According to Ayurvedic medicine, Chandan oil is said to have several health benefits; physical, mental and psychological. These benefits are mentioned below:


âž”       When it is used in aromatherapy or as a fragrance, Chandan Oil enhances the mental clarity and that is why it is recommended to be used while meditating, spiritual custom and prayer, etc.

âž”       Combining Chandan oil with lavender or chamomile helps in relieving any kind of stress or anxiety. It gives a sense of calm and relaxation.

âž”       It also has the properties of being an Aphrodisiac and can increase sexual desires.

âž”       It has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, therefore it can be used as a preventer from various cold and other spreadable viruses. It can also be used to reduce and calm the inflammation and irritated skin.

âž”       Sandalwood is very high in anti-oxidant properties and can be used to reduce skin aging.

âž”       It can be used as an astringent, meaning to say that it can relieve the minor contractions that sometimes occur in our gums and skin. It can be often found in aftershaves and facial creams as well.

âž”       The oil can also be used to fight from dark skin and acne.


 If you want to extract the most benefit from Chandan essential oil, it should be taken from the matured tree of sandalwood that has been growing for over 50-80 years and before the roots can be reaped. It is said that the older the sandalwood tree essentially helps in producing an essential oil with a stronger and aromatic scent.


 Conclusion: Every essential oil has its own unique and different properties that can help heal skin irritations, acne, and viruses. It relaxes and calms the mind by healing the body mentally as well as physically.