Everything You Need to Know About Cancer Ascendant Individuals

Everything You Need to Know About Cancer Ascendant Individuals

A Cancer Ascendant is an essential kind person. They are much like a coconut- tough on the outside and soft on the inside. The Cancer Ascendant implies that your personality has a deep impact on the lives of people that surround you and it indicates the kind of perception people have of you. It deals with how you treat others and perceive the world and in turn, what opinions people form about you based on your behavior. 

Personality Traits of Cancer Ascendant 

A Cancer Ascendant individual is very kind and sensitive. This means that they are empathetic towards people and understand others’ worries. They value people’s emotions because they know what it means to be respected and valued. But all of it is mostly closeted. Like the tough outer surface of a coconut, a Capricorn Ascendant is strong and unmoved by anything in life. However, this is only a defense mechanism that they use to prevent themselves and their loved ones from being impacted by any storm in life. Their love for their family members is a clear demarcation of how sensitive and warm they can be. People consider them to be their best relation because of the qualities they embody.  

Physical & Mental Traits of Cancer Ascendant 

While a Cancer Ascendant is most likely to have a medium height, their bodies do tend to garner all the fat in their lower bodies. Their facial structure is usually round, much like other features. Therefore, they need to pay attention to their weight and adopt necessary measures. A Cancer Ascendant can also face the problem of hair loss with advancing age.  

As far as their emotions are concerned, they are extremely sensitive and are often in want of emotional investment. However, it is always a two-way track with a Cancer Ascendant, for they know how to support others emotionally in times of distress. They are usually very tough when one first interacts with them, but as time passes by, they begin to reveal their true selves once they can lay their trust. 

Cancer Ascendant in Love & Relationships 

When a Cancer is in love, they will give away anything to win their partner’s loyalty. They are never up for any kind of casual relationship. For them, the meaning of a relationship is comprised of commitment and emotions. If they are loyal towards their partner, which they always are, they expect the same from their partner. After all, a relationship works out only when both parties share a mutual understanding. This also means that once they are in a relationship, they are most likely to retain it for a lifetime. 

Health of Cancer Ascendant Individuals 

It is common for a Cancer Ascendant to have to deal with problems involving digestion, specifically the liver. This could be caused by the extensive stress that follows as a result of their being drowned in emotions all the time. They want to appear to be strong and this leads to an inability to share their worries, ultimately causing extreme anxiety and sometimes depression as well. Surrounding themselves with joy is the only cure for their problems. However, if they happen to develop any symptoms of breathing issues, they must instantly visit a doctor.  

Planets Auspicious for Cancer Ascendant 

The planets that can improve the luck of a Cancer Ascendant are Mars and the Moon. Both are equally likely to benefit a Cancer Ascendant in terms of the luck factor and they will win in all the races in life. Other planets that can make circumstances favorable for a Cancer Ascendant are Rahu, Ketu, the Sun, and Venus. Even if they do not benefit a Cancer Ascendant, they will not cause any harm. 

Planets Malefic for Cancer Ascendant 

The planets that are essentially malefic for a Cancer Ascendant are Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn. The placement of these planets acts as a negative influence on a Cancer Ascendant’s life and can act as hurdles in their growth. 

Lucky Colour & Lucky Gem for Cancer Ascendant 

The sensitive nature of a Cancer Ascendant is best represented by the colors white and yellow. They are representative of peace and an anxious Cancer Ascendant can find it extremely soothing. Pearl, therefore, is the most suitable gem for a Cancer Ascendant because that will help them maintain their calm. 


A Cancer Ascendant’s inability to voice their worries can be very harmful, especially because they are sensitive individuals. Their tendency to get anxious, however, is not incurable.