Everything You Need to Know About Aries Ascendant Individuals

Everything You Need to Know About Aries Ascendant Individuals

The person having an Aries ascendant personality is direct and quick. An Aries ascendant has a passionate desire to win and is very competitive in nature. These people can easily lose their temper but seldom hold grudges. They find it hard to maintain patience with people who are deliberate and slow.  

Personality Traits of Aries Ascendant 

These people have a dominant personality. Just like they know how to control others, they know very well how to control themselves. They have got a great hand at laying out game plans. Even in a match or a tournament, they will be considered the most important player. As they are a Fire sign, they tend to be very hot-tempered or fiery. They do not hesitate to tell the truth even it costs hurting someone’s feelings. However, they do not have any bad intentions behind it. That is why they are considered one of the trustworthy and loyal signs of all the zodiac.  

Physical & Mental Traits of Aries Ascendant 

Their physical traits include angular and strong features with an eminent mouth, chin, and nose. These people have an average build and height with wavy hair, the body has an athletic look, arch-like eyebrows, and tan complexion. Their whole appearance gives an appearance of ruggedness and mighty. Their hair is usually light dark or brown in color. You can notice that there is a scar or mark on their head and several other marks left after a healed wound on their body.  

People who have an Aries Ascendant are attracted to people with philosophical ideas and scientific thoughts and they will communicate with them with the same ideas and thoughts. They are very quick and are great at making decisions. Their feelings and emotions are very intense and strong. They like to be occupied both physically and mentally because of their energy. 

Aries Ascendant in Love & Relationship 

People with an Aries ascendant usually get lucky in love, but it depends on where the planet Venus is placed in their birth chart. Seeing an Aries ascendant falling in love is an explosive and amazing experience. These people are considered natural leaders and if they are expressing their love to you then a little show-off is expected. Aries risings are proud of their partner and want everyone to know that you matter to them. Aries ascendant in love can do the sweetest little things like putting your picture as their home screen lock.  

Aries ascendant people are very focused and always have a lot on their plate, but they know how to make time for people they care about. If you come into a relationship with an Aries rising, they will make sure your every need is fulfilled. However, they will not change their priorities unless you top the list of their priorities. They will be the most loyal person in a relationship.  

The health of Aries Ascendant Individuals 

Aries Ascendant people meet with diseases related to the head like headaches, sunstroke, migraines, depression, and neuralgia. They also experience medical conditions like acidity and nervous disorders. They are physically devoted and that makes them prone to physical injuries and accidents and can even suffer from piles! Minor injuries are a part of their daily life. You can notice a birthmark on some of these natives’ faces or heads. They are also prone to circulatory diseases like high BP.  

Planets Auspicious for Aries Ascendant

The planets that are considered auspicious for an Aries ascendant are Moon (Ruler of the 4th house), Sun (Ruler of the 5th house), and Jupiter (the ruler of the 9th house).  

Planets Malefic for Aries Ascendant 

The ruler of the 3rd and 6th house, that is, Mercury, is the malefic planet for an Aries ascendant native. When the Mercury is weak it affects the native’s relationship with his or her brother making it hard to keep a healthy and good bond.  

Lucky Color and Lucky Gem for Aries Ascendant 

The lucky color for Aries ascendant natives is Pink and Red.  

The lucky gem would be Coral for Aries ascendant natives.  


Aries ascendant is ruled by the planet Mars who has blessed the Meesha Lagna with active spirits. These people love freedom and are natural leaders so they know how to instruct others. Sometimes they can be controlled but this comes with a positive point that is they know how to self-control themselves. They are considered trustworthy and loyal. They can be short-tempered but they never hold any grudges.