Everything You Need to Know About Aquarius Ascendant Individuals

Everything You Need to Know About Aquarius Ascendant Individuals

People born with ‘Kumba’ Lagna or Aquarius Ascendant are naturally unique. And you will be constantly reminded of that by their unique sense, interest, and opinions. They are methodical and intellectual and if you go to them for some advice then you will not regret it. These people are very much interested in subjects like metaphysics, science, and space. They are all about advancement, growth, and change. Anything that brings a good chance in society is highly appreciated by these individuals. They believe in uplifting humanity as they are big humanitarians. 

Personality Traits of Aquarius Ascendant 

Aquarius has a far-sighted vision who loves freedom. So, with Aquarius rising, these people become unpredictable, often making surprising choices and moves, almost shocking others. They are not interested in small talk instead they prefer something like controversy. If there is not one, they will be the ones to create it. They carry live and let live attitude with them. They are very stubborn in their opinion and judge those people who have weak thoughts or opinions. People get attracted to them because of their charm and beauty.  

Physical & Mental Traits of Aquarius Ascendant 

If you have seen a tall and slim person then chances are that this person is an Aquarius ascendant. Everything in their body is large like their face, thighs, feet, waist, stomach, and back. Their physical traits are pleasant and regular, thick and dark hair, and their hairstyle will be either of the two things- unusual or sober. Their face carries a little shade of seriousness but the expression looks nice. Their eyes are sparkled with life and are always in the search of something unique, just like them.  

Aquarius risings have an unconventional mindset, that is, cliche. If the world decides to go right, Aquarius Ascendant will definitely go left. These people are unusual and likable at the same time. They are very humble and friendly. They are more practical than emotional. They think that everyone is equal and always supports the right things. Sometimes, they overinvest their thoughts into metaphysical realms and imagination. They have very great observational skills. They know how to turn small ideas into great plans, put the pieces of a puzzle exactly where they belong and are great at teamwork. 

Aquarius Ascendant in Love & Relationships 

Aquarius Ascendant finds pleasure in experimenting with things and will never leave any chance to make a romantic dish. In the starting, these people will come to you with a quirky or cool mood and it will be very easy to notice that they are flirting. Nonchalant sighs, peculiar smirks, and eyebrow raises are the signs that indicate that they are having a good time with you. When an Aquarius ascendant is in love with you it means you have the same beliefs as them. However, they need their space too so be ready for that.  

You might have heard the stereotype that Aquarius doesn’t make a proud or a loyal partner. But that’s not true! Whether in the relationship, friendship, or business, they take their part very seriously. They will fight for those who they deeply care about and can go very far for them. They love to be in relationships where their freedom and space are taken care of.  

The health of Aquarius Ascendant Individuals 

Aquarius controls eyesight, circulation, and breath and also the bones of the lower limbs. They often experience diseases related to circulation and blood often getting impure blood. People who have Aquarius Ascendant are prone to heart issues and hypertension. Aquarius rules freaky accidents, allergies, circulatory system, an unexpected illness, ankles, and cramps. They can also go through various nervous disorders.  

Planets Auspicious for Aquarius Ascendant 

The planets that are considered auspicious for Aquarius Ascendant are Mercury, Sun, Saturn, and Venus. Venus is considered the most auspicious planet among all other planets for Aquarius Ascendant.  

Planets Malefic for Aquarius Ascendant 

The planets that are considered malefic for Kumbha Lagna are Jupiter, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu.  

Lucky Color & Lucky Gem for Aquarius Ascendant 

The lucky colors for Kumbha Lagna include Royal Blue, Black, and Navy Blue.  

The lucky gem for Aquarius Ascendant is diamond and Blue Sapphire.  


Aquarius ascendants are independent individuals and like to be innovative, free, and original. They are unique so they see themselves a little differently. They follow those things that others find different and that carries on with their life. Their unique quality includes being kind and compassionate and detached at the same time.