Everything You Need to Know about a Taurus Woman: Traits & Characteristics

Everything You Need to Know about a Taurus Woman: Traits & Characteristics
When you come across a Taurus woman and feel attracted to them, it becomes important to know everything about them. A Taurus woman is a fiercely independent woman who is not fond of anything less than their aspirations. They are proud and stubborn about their beliefs, practical and manipulative in their ways, and have a straightforward approach. They are not fond of any kind of change or uncertainty. They are not the kind who adores surprises or adventures. They are the most misunderstood sign. As people mistake them as laid-back personalities.  So, if you are planning to impress a Taurus woman, there are certain things you have to keep in check. Here you will find all the things you need to know about a Taurean female. 

Taurus Woman Good Traits 

Born between April 21 and May 21, Taureans are the sternest Individuals. The sign of the Bull that their Zodiac shows are representative of their firm thoughts. Taurus is ruled by Venus, and that is the reason a Taurus woman is elegantly stubborn about her manners.  They are deep thinkers, and hence they thoroughly ponder about the ways of life, love, work, and future. They do not take hasty risks, rather they carefully decode the situation to make a safe solution. They are extremely passionate about things they love. Their loyalty is unquestionable. They can switch between being gentle and fierce, as per the need of the situation. They are the wise and noble sort of personalities. 

Taurus Woman Bad Traits 

They have fierce personalities, but sometimes the arrogance and ego that they reflect can be difficult to deal with. They are very adamant and hostile. This makes them disinterested in spontaneity. They are strongly against any kind of change in their life. They prefer to vibe with the nothingness in their life. And this makes them slow in many aspects.  They can be intimidating, and their endurance can crash on dumb stuff or acts. They do not get enraged easily, but when they do, they lose their temper and logic. They can be very vengeful, as well. They are pro at manipulations and know how to make things work in their favor, when in unpredictable situations. Another bad trait of a Taurus woman is that they are very repressive about their thoughts, and they can easily frustrate the other person. 

Taurus Woman in Love & Sex 

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love. Hence, Taureans are sensuous, desirous, and sexy both inside and out. They are extremely passionate and fall for passionate men equally interested in love, and other pleasantries of life. They make the most loyal partners when in a relationship. They are patient and gentle with their partner. They know the importance of giving space to their partner, and that makes them more desirous.  When it comes to sex and romance, Taurean women are the epitome of lovers. They are sensuous to their core and can go to any extent to achieve the pleasure point. They love sex and everything related to sex, but only when they are in a serious relationship. They are not the fling type. They look for long-term romantically involved romances. They are not the flowers and chocolate kind of women, but they have their ways of falling in love. They are old school in some matters, but they will not shy away from getting physical. 

Dating a Taurus Woman 

If you are planning to propose a Taurean female, be prepared to enter the most romantic and erotic phase of your life. They are not easy to impress, but you can tap into their emotional side if you know them in the right way. They are not fond of expensive gifts or extravagance. They prefer simplistic ways of life. However, you can easily impress them with your efforts.   They are very loyal and reliable when it comes to dating them. But do not ever lose their trust. They can be insecure too but are very wise and practical. 


Being an Earth sign, Taurus women love to stay in touch with their roots. They have simple goals in their life that can lead them to a relaxed life. They appreciate good food and fine wine. They have a classy choice and do not accept anything less than that. They are not the adventure-loving lot and prefer to stay at home. They are not fond of large crowds and enjoy the company of their close pals.