Everything you need to know about a Sagittarius Woman: Traits & Characteristics

Everything you need to know about a Sagittarius Woman: Traits & Characteristics
The astrological sign of Sagittarius indicates individuals who are born between November 22 to December 21. Being a sun sign, these individuals are generally very extroverted and possess a unique ability to be composed and intense under most circumstances in life. Ruled by the planet Jupiter, which brings about luck, fortune, wealth, success, prosperity, etc. in the life of an individual, these individuals are extremely fun to be around and very head-strong. Their mutable personality helps them to blend in with everyone, however, they are often criticized for being inconsistent. They are unable to tie themselves to a fixed routine and are always desperately in search of knowledge.  

Sagittarius Woman Good Traits  

Sagittarius women are very energetic and are always on the hunt for adventure. They know how to bring out life at a party and possess the unique quality of stealing the spotlight. They are wild and are always keen to know more about the unknown. She is deeply intact with knowing the truth, and her mind is full of philosophical ideas, she never runs out of fun and exciting ideas. She is always making connections with different people and learning about their perspectives. Their exciting energy makes them extremely special by which they can influence others.   They like engaging in wonderful conversations and discussing different aspects of life. They love sharing their advice and knowledge and are most brutally honest. These women sometimes appear to be a little harsh but they deeply care about their friends and family. They expect them to remain in touch with them always and share deep conversations with them. 

Sagittarius Woman Bad Traits  

Being a Fire sign, a Sagittarius woman is always looking for attention. Their fun and flirtatious nature can sometimes be a little deceptive. They are not always genuine with their intention and are mostly always seeking attention. They love being appreciated by others and their narcissistic nature sometimes can put them at a disadvantage. One needs to be a little careful while dealing with them, as you may never know what can hurt their ego.   These women are generally very blunt and fail to filter out themselves while speaking. This sometimes can be very hurtful. The reckless nature of Sagittarius women makes them very vulnerable under certain circumstances. They are well known for their carelessness which makes them unreliable.  

Sagittarius Woman in Love & Sex 

When it comes to matters of love, a Sagittarius woman is generally very confident. She isn’t afraid of rejection and holds the courage to confess their love and take the first step. She isn’t the kind of woman who will refrain herself from approaching someone and admire them from a distance. They think that this will make them look weak. However, it doesn’t imply that they are looking for something serious.   Being a passionate woman, a Sagittarius woman loves good hot sex. They are the kind of women who might engage in more than one partner at a time. They likely don’t settle down in relationships. Their thrust of looking for excitement and the serious desire of variations make them jump from one partner to the other partner. They get bored very easily and like to explore different options.  

Dating a Sagittarius Woman 

The initial beginning of the relationship with a Sagittarius woman can be very exciting and thrilling. They love the chase as this makes them driven for passion. However, this soon comes to an end as generally, a Sagittarius woman is self-sufficient. She is capable of handling herself and is highly independent. If someone is trying too hard to get, she will soon get bored. If someone doesn’t vibe with her personality, she will not tolerate them. Someone very sensitive will find it very difficult to cope up with a Sagittarius. She can very blunt and her words sometimes can be very hurtful.   Their overconfidence in their flirting abilities makes them even more attractive. She knows her ways of getting things in life the way she desires. When it comes to finding a potential partner, she is very well capable of finding it herself. She knows what she wants and is generally not prepared to settle for anything less than she desires.  


It might be a little tricky affair to handle a strong and independent woman like a Sagittarius woman. Their thirst for knowing more and the desire to outshine others makes them very competitive. However, it is a fun journey to know them.