Everything You Need to Know about a Libra Woman: Traits & Characteristics

Everything You Need to Know about a Libra Woman: Traits & Characteristics
A Libra woman is probably the friendliest of all zodiac signs. She also has a great sense of judgment but the fact that she cannot stick to one point is one aspect of her character that makes her an unreliable person. They are always in a quest for peace and are extremely helpful people. From making attempts to tackle a fight to helping others in times of distress, a Libra woman wants happiness to prevail above all else. They are also very friendly and therefore, will garner a few friends wherever they go. They like to communicate and get to know others.  

Libra Woman Good Traits 

A Libra woman is one of the liveliest creatures on this planet and she wants everyone around her to feel the same way. They can see the goodness inherent in every person and are non-judgemental of your endeavors. This is exactly why they love interacting with different people. Just as much as they are friendly, they are so very romantic. They have the potential to make someone feel worthy of oneself. However, they can also sometimes turn to manipulation to get their job done or to win the heart of someone they like. She is also one of those people who wants to grow with everyone around her. Growth for her comprises not just individual growth, but collective benefits. Her vision of a world is essentially progressive and just, and judgments do not stand a chance in her life. All that matters is that you are the possessor of a good heart and nothing else will matter to a Libra woman.  

Libra Woman Bad Traits 

One of the bad traits possessed by a Libra woman is that she is spoilt with options. They have so many options to choose from that they end up being confused and have a hard time arriving at any decision. They might as well make the wrong decision, leading them to have to adjust to something less than what they deserve. This is something they do not desire and will make all efforts to get out of this situation. Since a Libra woman is peace-loving, she prefers not to get involved in any kind of conflict. For them, the idea of life compromises oy of joy and any deviation of the idea is not welcome. She will forgive everyone to maintain peace in her life. 

Libra Woman in Love & Sex 

For Libra, love is a beautiful and meaningful concept, rather than a one-time affair. They know who they like and will not compromise with their standards. They fall in love hard and this only comes at a price. They may come across many people who they like, but they will take enough time to get to a person before they finally decide to commit. However, they can also turn out to be manipulative at times. It is undoubtedly that they love the people in their lives, but they will not love anybody more than themselves.   For a Libra woman, sex, however, is almost inextricably intertwined with the idea of attraction. Sex and love, therefore, are two completely different aspects of their lives and either can exist without the other. For them, sex is an enjoyable process and it need not always be linked with love. 

Dating a Libra Woman 

A Libra woman loves to hang out with people and she is one of those people who cannot stay at home for long. They wish to garner all sorts of experiences and since they are so good at communicating, it can be fun to date a Libra woman. They will enjoy every moment of the conversation, but it is also true that a Libra woman is never satisfied with something singular in life. If you expect a Libra woman to come up with surprises on special occasions, you may be disappointed. But she will now and then find ways to surprise you.  


A Libra woman’s character is one in which there is a craving for justice and the common good, but they also cannot look beyond the self at times. When in love, a Libra woman can be very romantic. But sex for them is not necessarily linked with a love interest. Overall, a Libra woman is a charming personality and she wants to experience anything and everything in life.