Everything You Need to Know about a Cancer Woman: Traits & Characteristics

The astrological sign of an individual speaks a lot about the personality of the individual. The easiest way to understand Cancer women is to go judge them based on their attributes and not by the influence of their parents. These individuals are very royal and highly sentimental. They are willing to do everything in their possession to make the other person happy. Their devoted nature and sentimental values make them unique and add to the benefits of the college. These women are highly cautious and will make their decision only upon knowing everything about the person. Born between June 21 and July 22, family and friends matter the most to you. They will do anything in their possession to ensure that everyone is happy.  

Cancer Women Good Traits  

The biggest quality of a Cancer woman is that she is a natural nurturer. She loves to nurture and care about the people she likes. A cancer woman is generally known for her soft-spoken, loving, compassionate nature. Her instincts are the greatest gift that she possesses. This is the reason why a Cancer woman is generally very home-oriented. She loves enjoying a nice and warm cozy time with her family. She dreams of having a family of her own surrounded by the laughter of children. Her heart filled with love and compassion can sometimes be overwhelming for her.  

However, she understands the importance of bonding, and therefore, once she considers someone close to her, she will go to any extent to prove her loyalty towards that person. Her sensitive nature makes her overly concerned about the people she cares about.  

Cancer Women Bad Traits  

It can be a little tricky to understand a cancer woman. The sensitive, soft-spoken carb sign with a strong outer shell, can be very moody. They suffer from extreme mood swings making them crawl within their shells and isolate themselves for days from the outside world. Their mood can change within the flick of seconds. If Cancer women are feeling restless, they can very self-destructive. They find it very difficult to cope up with their changing surroundings so quickly. They are also sometimes incapable of handling obstacles that are in front of them. This makes question their capabilities.  

Unexpected changes can sometimes traumatize them, making them feel helpless. Cancer women lack confidence in themselves and are always dependent on their close ones to provide them with the confidence that is required to achieve the goal. These women are also very manipulative. If you dare to cross paths with Cancer and mistakenly fall into their bad books, Cancer women will keep the grudge until the graveyard. They can become unexpectedly cold.  

Cancer Women in Love & Sex  

When you meet a Cancer woman for the first time in life, they are generally very shy. They will barely open up and express their emotions. It takes them time to entrust someone. However, once they start trusting you, be assured they are going to be a friend for life. They will share everything with you. Even on their best days, they will have something to complain about. Loving a Cancer woman can be hard, as you need to get adjusted to their bad moods. They will never restrict themselves from walking an extra mile for their loved ones.  

Cancer women love sex. The passionate energy burning inside them makes them brilliant at the bed. They want something concrete and are usually never interested in one-night stands. Cancer women care about the emotional aspect of sex and want more romantic nights with their partners.  

Dating A Cancer Woman  

Cancer women are the most comfortable in their homely surroundings. They love spending quality time with their partner cuddling in the bed and having an intimate discussion. With the burning sensation and loving nature, they love providing comfort and care to their partner. Crowds and social gatherings can be overwhelming for them and therefore, the need for personal space is very important for them. Their relationship with party-goers fails very often as their personality type directly contradicts the personality traits of a party animal.  


It is a fun ride to date a Cancer woman. Their constant mood swing can be a little tedious task to handle, however, once you understand them, you will feel the bliss of life. They will do everything in their possession to satisfy the people they care about. However, if you ever did anything to harm them, be prepared to face the consequences.  

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