Everything You Need to Know about a Aquarius Woman: Traits & Characteristics

Everything You Need to Know about a Aquarius Woman: Traits & Characteristics
Each zodiac sign is unique in its way and it is nothing different for an Aquarius woman. The Astrological sign of a person can speak a lot about their characteristic patterns. Aquarius women are generally very independent and creative. They never care to settle themselves in the crowd and would rather seek a place of comfort for themselves. The Air sign Aquarius is dominated by the planet Uranus which symbolizes rebel nature and innovativeness. This is the underlying reason why an Aquarius woman is independent. They are entirely capable of looking after themselves, and therefore, they don’t require the support of someone else to look after them. But, at the same time, they are very social and outgoing. They love the company of people surrounding them and feel the most comfortable in a social gathering. This allows them to know more about others and themselves.

Aquarius Woman Good Traits

Aquarius woman is highly intellectual and profoundly connected to the deep roots of science and technology. They have the vision to make the world a better place to live in. An Aquarius woman is always creative and is always deeply aligned to her morals. She considers herself as a problem solver and possesses the unique ability to make things right whenever she feels, something is not fitting right. Her strong proclivity to fix things makes her extremely capable f handling challenging situations. Her intelligence can amuse anyone, as she knows how to make any conversation more interesting. Without a shadow of a doubt, Aquarius women are the most interesting people in the room. Aquarius women find it a little difficult to stick around people who don’t amuse them. Their sheer hatred towards pretending to be someone else makes them exclusive. They will not bother themselves wasting their time over someone who annoys them. When they find someone less interesting or someone unable to stimulate, they tend to become restless. They believe in equality and therefore surround themselves with people who share similar intellectuality.

Aquarius Woman Bad Traits

Aquarius woman is extremely unpredictable which to a certain extent also makes them unreliable. They will never disclose what they are thinking and will keep their thoughts all to themselves. These women can be very moody and are very cautious while sharing their emotions. They tend to restrict themselves from opening up and this might be the concrete reason why it might seem a little absurd when they are angry. They end up exploding, out of the blue and won’t even bother to explain their sudden outburst. Their pessimistic nature can also be sometimes difficult to handle and can also be very frustrating. Aquarius women are generally very stubborn and their cold behavior sometimes makes them detach themselves from others.

Aquarius Woman in Love & Sex

Aquarius women are very sensitive and therefore, they handle matters of love delicately. At first instance, they might seem a little cold and stubborn, but this can be because they are too scared of opening up. They are scared of being hurt and therefore, they prefer to start the bond by being friends first and then transform it into a relationship. Despite enjoying the social glamour, they are mischievously secretive. They are generally attracted to people who are unique to vibe with their curious mind. Over a relationship full of sex, they prefer a relationship that lies on the foundation of commitment. One-night stands are not for them and are more inclined towards mental stimulation over physical stimulation. They carefully choose their partners and understand that looks can be deceptive. They would rather choose someone with whom they feel comfortable rather than being with someone with explicit looks. This can be the reason why they are strongly inclined towards intelligent people.

Dating an Aquarius Woman

Dating an Aquarius woman, implies you need to learn to give them plenty of space. They aren’t someone who can be flexible with the dominance of someone else and this will only scare them off. These women need their share of freedom when they are in a flexible and committed relationship. They will always have the desire to follow their passion without being held back by their partner.


An Aquarius woman is incredibly strong and independent. It can be a difficult game to match up with their shining personality. With their curious mindset, one can get to learn a lot from the immense knowledge they possess about various aspects of life.