A Kundli (which is also called a birth Horoscope) is said to be an Astrological Chart, which is created on the grounds of the exact birth date, birth time, and place of birth of an individual. Some of the other, commonly used terms for Kundli are Natal Chart, Birth Horoscope,  Janampatri, Janam Kundli, Birth Chart, etc. The birth chart or the natal chart of an individual is a chart which denotes or demonstrates the positions and actions of the various planetary bodies, including the planet Sun, planet Moon, horoscopic perspectives and important angles, at the time of the birth of an individual.

A Kundli or the birth horoscope is frequently provided by a skilled astrologer in order to penetrate sights into the personage, potential, events that happened in the past, their instant now, and tomorrow’s fate of an individual. In some of the countries such as India, it is said to essential in order to make the kundalini of both the male and female partners in anticipation of securing their marriage, this typically done in order to check if the bride and the groom are congenial with each other astrologically by establishing 36 gunas matching. 

But there are some of the rules to follow in order to obtain a perfect report of kundali matching. In fact, certain rules and regulations have been guided by the elders in order to secure there is fortunate married life in the middle of the prospective bride and the groom. It is gathered that if two Kundali or horoscopes are harmonized before their marriage, then the duo is interpreted as a Coalition to begin a life with each other.

Here are some of the rule to follow in order to obtain a successful marriage kundali matching: 

Affliction to the seventh house:

 This has been mentioned independently other than the second and the fourth house Since the seventh house has importance. The significance is high as a kite since the seventh house determines the matrimonial connection of the pair. All find, if the seventh house languishes distress, then one cannot manage to possess a happy joined life.


This is one area in which one would have a need for detailed interpretation. Where the two horoscopes of an upcoming bride and groom are inhibited clearly and then an investigation is drawn.

Affliction to the 12th house:

The twelfth house is deliberated as the house of investment in astrology. On the other hand, at the same time, this house is also perceived for comfort in the bed. Thus, those people who have a good married life will also have a need for a base for good sex life. Though the method of Ashtakoot does look for offsprings they do not check comfort in the bed in the horoscope of a native.

Extramarital relationship or number of Marriages:

Thought the process of Kundli Milan one can be capable in order to talk about the mutual compatibility in the middle of the two people, it cannot be suggested that if there is more than one marriage then that is possible in the middle of the prospective bride and the groom. For this, the horoscope of the couple should be analyzed individually. In addition, the chance of extra-marital relations between any other person with the prospective bride or groom should be checked.

Misery due to the 2nd and the 4th house:

Our ancestors have clearly stated that the second house mainly depicts the marriage of an individual. This particular house has its's influence over the marriage life of the couple.

The second house shows happiness in the life of the couples. In case, if there is a problem in the second house then that would create lots of problems for the people. Also, the wealth, that is the status of the couple is also identified by this particular house. The second house shows have happy the family will be. Here there are various parameters that show the effect on the lives of individuals. Some of them are listed as happiness, health, wealth, children, peace. Now if the second house has ideal members in it then the results turn to be pretty good. If not there are other ways to turn your future on to the right track.

Thus, we can say that many of the problems which have a chance of being raised in the middle of the bride and the groom can be brought into the light by making a match in the middle of the bride and groom. Thus we can say kundali matching is the most important aspect while making a propospective.