Everything about the effect of Mars in Cancer

Everything about the effect of Mars in Cancer

Cancer is very energetic and shy who prefers to be in their own company. Mars in Cancer will slow down and make them aware of the emotions. Mars will be facing a difficult time in Cancer. Cancer has an introvert personality while Mars will bring a few extrovert feelings in them. They will try to mix with people.

Mars in Cancer may also make them a bit aggressive towards things. There will be a burst of emotions in them. They may become a bit sensitive towards things as well. But they are quite protective and caring about people in their life. They will also be quite dependable and handles difficult situations very maturely.


The effect in Career due to Mars in Cancer

Career-wise, the effect of mars in cancer can be quite positive. Their career may be filled with lots of new opportunities and success will be seen in whatever they do. They may also become wealthy during this time. The effect of Mars in cancer will seem to be filled with prosperity in professional life. Businesses may grow and new opportunities may be observed.


The effect in personality due to mars in cancer

Cancers are very strong people mentally. They are very patient and understands things in depth. They are helpful and very shy people. It is difficult for them to open in front of people. Mars may also make them very passive-aggressive. They will avoid direct confrontations but will show aggression indirectly.

With the burst of emotions, they may become sensitive to things and may also become moody. They may get hurt by things too often and may feel emotionally weak. Their minds may get filled with emotions and sometimes they may find it difficult to understand their own actions.

They are not good at expressing their emotions. Because of this reason they may often have to deal with misunderstandings. Their sensitive behaviour may also affect their personal life to a great extent.

But they will be very caring and kind to people. They understand and will always try to sort out things. They are very intellectual and have great minds. Their minds will be filled with creative ideas.

Mars in Cancer will give them courage and strength. They will be filled with confidence and will try to do things that are unknown to them. Because of their shyness, cancer may become used to their comfort zone. They may get scared to come out of it and thus Mars will be providing them confidence and self – belief which will help them to go out of their comfort zone.


The effect in relationships due to Mars in Cancer

The effect of Mars in Cancer in the relationships will also be quite great. They will become quite protective and caring. They will make their partner feel important. They know how to handle issues in their relationships. They will be loyal and honest.

They are in general great lovers. They are passionate and will do whatever it takes to make their relationship happy.

The only issue they may suffer from is because of their oversensitive behaviour. They may also become too much protective about their partner. Their relationship may also suffer from trust issues.

But their mature thinking will not let the problems affect their relationship. They have a personality like parents. They are very caring and kind. People often fall in love with them because of their loving and caring nature.


Effect of Mars in the emotions of Cancers

One of the most common changes one can notice in the behaviour of Cancers is their emotional change. Their passive aggressiveness may make them very emotional. They may get offended by things very easily. Little things may affect them and they become angry.

But they will never show their anger directly. They will hold onto things and will not forgive people easily. Their actions or words may show their anger but they will never do direct confrontations. They may also make other people feel guilty by emotionally blackmailing them. They will appear aa a bit irritating person because of this behaviour.

They may suffer from lots of domestic fights and arguments not only with their partner or family but also with relatives or friends. Their sensitive behaviour may become a very big issue for others.