This year is coming to an end and we usually start the coming year with a new set of new year resolutions that we would want to or will follow. Regardless of what it maybe, all of us tend set a lot of expectations for our coming year to go great as compared to this year or we would accomplish so many things in the next year.

What is worse is that we tend to place our expectations so high that when it comes to accomplishing them, we find it difficult and while we may be consistent in the coming few days, or even weeks, even months, we may find it hard to just keep up with our resolutions for the year. 

So, let us see what are the resolutions each zodiac sign keeps for the upcoming year. 


This zodiac sign is determined to set a positive example of this upcoming year in their life, and they definitely want to ignite the fire of passion in everyone who lacks it. They want to make an example of themselves on how you driven you can be in order to achieve your goals. 

Taurus - 

This zodiac sign is determined to be the change and do what they always have been procrastinating about. This year would be the year they will actually go and do what they want and literally catch the bull by its horns. 

Gemini - 

This zodiac sign is determined to explore more opportunities even if they feel embarrassed to do so. You will go for any opportunity that presents itself and if you feel reluctant to go for it, you will push yourself to perform and go for it.  

Cancer - 

This zodiac sign is determined to be in control of their emotions and to regulate their moodiness. They hate it when they feel overly emotional and sensitive, and seem to have no control over such feelings and how they feel.  

Leo - 

This zodiac sign is determined to cut off the dead ends that have no space in their life, and especially the ones which have gotten unhealthy and toxic during the course of time. They are extremely loyal people and they will be determined to have a life of no toxic relationships.  

Virgo - 

This zodiac sign is determined to be the best version of themselves and according to them, they are not going to he keeping any new year resolutions because these resolutions often hinder their growth because again, they tend to be too obsessive to complete and follow them through.  

Libra - 

This zodiac sign is determined to find beauty in the imperfections. They are perfectionists and they find it really hard to just let all their creations just be as it is, with its imperfections and all. They are determined to find the beauty in things as they are and not change it because they find as though they lack something. 

Scorpio - 

This zodiac sign is determined to spend more time with their family and moreover, gain more perspectives and change their focus to various other things and not just one thing. They will feel much better when they spend and devote their attention to their family and other projects, and not just focus on one project.  

Sagittarius - 

This zodiac sign is determined to be more open to other’s valuable opinion and perspectives. It will help them learn and gain a lot of knowledge they would have not if they had been just stuck to their own perspective.  

Capricorn - 

This zodiac sign is determined to be more kind and not focus on money so much. They want to be more kind go others and understand the importance of human relationships and kindness, rather than spend their whole life trying to mint money.  

Aquarius - 

This zodiac sign is determined voice their opinions more, and explain, communicate with others how they feel rather than keep the needs of others in place of their own needs.  

Pisces - 

This zodiac sign is determined to be more positive about the harsh realities of life rather than being disheartens and giving up hope. They are determined that they will make good out of whatever bad is thrown on them.